AD&D Greyhawk Campaign

Somethin terrible stirs in them thar woods.   CAMPAIGN INFO Rating: PG-13 Politics: Low-Medium (option for castles and dominions) Roleplaying: Low-Medium Combat: Deadly (Combat as War, unbalanced encounters) Challenge: AD&D “3e” (Castle & Crusades) Weirdness: High (science fantasy, somewhat gonzo) Magic: AD&D standard Level: 1 to ?, starting at level 0 via a Character Funnel […]

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Gunlock (D&D 5e)

By player request, inspired by the Gungeon final boss – The Lich.  GUNLOCK  Gunesis 1:1 In the beginning, the Gungeon was formless and void, and bullets moved over the face of the deep. Studying the mystical arts takes a lot of time and effort. Some find this overly onerous or lack the means to learn, […]

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Power Armor (Mark I Thunder Pattern)

Provided here for my PCs reference. Power Armor (MK I), Kwalish Modified Armor (plate), legendary (requires attunement) Powered armor resembles a suit of unusual plate armor, with finely articulated joints connected by an oily, black, leather-like material. The armor has been worked to create the appearance of a heavily muscled warrior, and its great helm is […]

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Warhammer 40k d20 RPG

Back in 2005/6 I created a d20 Modern setting to play Warhammer 40k.  I got a cease and desist email from GW and ended up taking it down, and, I ended up losing it all.  Nice to see the Wayback machine saved everything 🙂 Link here.

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OSR, D&D and the BroOSR

This was a great debate/discussion on inappropriate characters – though I felt the audience/Pundit were a bit harsh on Jeffro at some points.  Though I dont agree with Jeffro he made some good points.  My observations as someone who has been playing since 79/80 and went from B/X, BECMI to 1e AD&D in the mid […]

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Baking (5e feat)

Posting this home-brew baking feat for one of my PCs whose background is baker and wanted to do magical baking, which I think is a good idea so codifying it. Magical Baking When you take this feat you gain +1 INT and can bake the equivalent of 0 level spells. There must be an in […]

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Abstract Dungeon Exploring, Part 3

So, I recently started playing Temple of Elemental Evil, though I am mashing up every version of the adventure and using 5e maps mostly.  My PCs entered the Howling Hatred temple complex (Air Temple).  I didn’t have time to create cards as did here and even more elaborately here, so I used printed sheets on a […]

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Birdfood v2.0

As my party goes up against the Air Temple Cult (Cult of the Howling Hatred – a mishmash of every ToEE from 1e to 5e) one of my PCs remembered fighting this guy back in our first 5e campaign known as the Iron Gods.  Considering this particular villain stuck in her mind for so long, and she […]

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Cavalier Archetype (5e)

A home brew cavalier inspired by the original 1e AD&D Unearthed Arcana version as well as the updated knight version from Castle & Crusades, merged with the weak sauce version from 5e.   Cavalier (Knight) Upon windswept battlefields where armies struggle for supremacy, there are those who make war their daily bread. They are the […]

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