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Figurine of Wonderous Power: Fat Chocobo

A miniature (around 1” tall) statuette carved in the form of a fat “chicken” – actually a chocobo. Speaking the correct command word (“Diabexus”) and casting the figurine onto the ground causes it to transform into a living animal that obeys the character’s commands.

▶ Returning to figurine: Repeating the command word returns the animal to its figurine form.
▶ If an chocobo is slain: It returns to its figurine form.
▶ If a figurine is destroyed: Its magical power is lost irrevocably.

Golden Chicken
In figurine form, a vaguely chicken-shaped lump of gold transforms into a fat chocobo—an intelligent, chicken-like mount of obese size. Despite its enormous size, it can move and fight as if it were a perfect specimen of its species—its weight doesn’t seem to affect it in the least. If not being used, it will either be sleeping or eating (most likely sleeping).

AC 22, HD 6* (27hp), Att 2 × freezing talons (2d4 + 2), 1 × butt smash (2d4), THAC0 14 [+5], MV 150’ (50’) / 360’ (120’) flying, SV D10 W11 P12 B13 S14 (6), ML 10, AL Neutral Good, XP 500

▶ Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!: The fat chocobo has an aura of joy around him. Anyone in melee with the fat chocobo must save versus poison or suffer –2 to attack and damage rolls against the chocobo as they feel terrible about hurting him.

▶ Limited flight: Though the fat Chocobo has a fly speed, it can only maintain flight for 1 round every 1 turn. The poor creature struggles mightily to fly but can always reach its maximum speed despite huffing, puffing, and sweating profusely. and looking miserable doing it.

▶Plane wanderer: The fat chocobo can become ethereal, and roam the astral plane. However, it can only do this once every 24 hours before transitioning planes again.

▶Prankster: There is a 10% chance the fat Chocobo will take its rider to the Beastlands for fun, turning it back into its statue form for 24 hours. It can then be reused to travel back.

▶ Usage frequency: Once per week, for up to 24 hours.

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