From the Lost City Adventure (actually, the Expert set but this is the only place I have seen it used).  Weird monster will use it as a potential encounter in Maze of the Blue Medusae as a cannibal critic “boss”. Original entry: Thoul. A thoul is a magical combination of a ghoul, a hobgoblin, and […]

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Kinixys Ziteki ancient reptile king

Another conversion for my own reference for Maze of the Blue Medusa.  Abbreviated 5e stat block.  He also has an attack lizard called “Goat”. Kinixys Ziteki Medium humanoid (saurid), lawful neutral AC 18 (the equivalent of plate) HP 229  Speed 30 ft. Saving Throws STR +9, DEX +7, CON +8 Skills Athletics +9, Intimidation +8, Perception +5, Persuasion +8 Senses Passive Perception 15 Languages Common, Saurid Challenge 10 Indomitable […]

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Oneiric Pudding

Another conversion for my own reference.  Lifted from “Through Ultan’s Door” and dropped in as a random encounter for Maze of the Blue Medusa.  Abbreviated 5e conversion below. Before the creature strikes it gives off an aura of dream visions.  Use any surreal art as an inspiration of what the PCs see.  Each must make […]

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xanthoCeraS, the loving liCh

Another conversion for my own reference, but feel free to use it. XANTHOCERAS Medium undead, neutral evil Armor Class 20 (Ironwood body) Hit Points 135 (18d8 + 54) Speed 30 ft. Saving Throws CON +10, INT +12, WIS +9 Skills Arcana +19, History +12, Insight +9, Perception +9 Damage Vulnerabilities Fire Damage Resistances Cold, Lightning, Necrotic Damage Immunities Poison; Bludgeoning, Piercing Condition Immunities Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Poisoned Senses Truesight 120 ft., Passive Perception 19 Languages Common, Selinian and […]

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The high-crested Negamancers of the Neonate Empire practice the philosophies of anticausality. These chameleonoid anti sorcerers come forth from the ruins of Nyctopolis to contest any human claim to the Maze. They are typically accompanied by an escort of 1d4+1 Thrall Mammals, usually, white apes, controlled with a pearl white globe — if they are […]

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Barbarians of Thylea

Harking back to Conan and the original D&D barbarian class. The barbarians of Thylea, in general, detest magic and those who use it. They will, at low levels of experience, refuse to employ any sort of magic item if they recognize it as such. They will often seek to destroy magic items, and if successful […]

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Sailors of the Sunless Sea

Kicked off my Clash of the Titans campaign with the level-0 DCC character funnel.  One of the level 0 PCs is becoming a bard and created the following epic about the adventure.  Here it is, it will be familiar to anyone who has played or run the adventure.   An abandoned keep towers above, Of […]

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Amazon (Race/Class)

A simple character class/race combo for my daughter who gets easily overwhelmed so went old school.  Part of my current campaign – Clash of the TitansCLASH OF THE TITANS. Inspired by the Diablo Amazon. The Amazon is a powerful woman warrior of the Askari, who belongs to nomadic bands who roam the plains near the […]

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D6. Hall of Lost Grandeur

There were too many rooms in this dungeon that were essentially “break down door and kill the orc”.  Mixed it up by changing some of the room encounters.  This was the last time they encountered the stonewalker spirit as he took over statues to harass the party. The party got surprise and the red onryoki died in the first […]

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