By player request, inspired by the Gungeon final boss – The Lich.  GUNLOCK  Gunesis 1:1 In the beginning, the Gungeon was formless and void, and bullets moved over the face of the deep. Studying the mystical arts takes a lot of time and effort. Some find this overly onerous or lack the means to learn, […]

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Heavy Metal Warlock

One of my players thought it would be cool if there was a warlock version of the Child of the Atom sorcerer – a warlock built around radiation, mutation, and nuclear power.  Inspired after the party met some salt dryads (stolen directly from Deep Carbon Observatory) who,  while chatting to the party, told them they […]

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Arcane Chocobo (Giant Chicken) Familiar

A chicken familiar (hen) exposed to high levels of radiation during an adventure turns into a chocobo-like creature. Eventually, my player lost this familiar, re-summoned, and got a demonic version and eventually got the arcane version.  It’s the same spirit just taking different forms.  The chocobo is called Diabexes – because it’s fat and loves […]

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Identify (House Rule)

 5e identify makes identifying magic items too easy, 1e/2e is too hard and I feel its onerus for both me, as the DM, and the PCs. So my goal with this to not have it as onerous as 1e, etc, but not so easy as 5e and, as the DM, not track anything: Automatically know […]

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Fighter: Mighty Deeds

A 5e interpretation of the Dungeon Crawl Classic “Mighty Deeds”.  The goal is to be less mechanically sophisticated or impactful than the Battlemaster but to give the type of things the Battlemaster does to all fighters – as it seems the Battlemaster qualities – swashbuckling/heroic actions – should be available to all fighters. Mighty Deed […]

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Cleric of Persephone (5e)

My wife is playing a Priestess of Persephone – mostly because that was her bloodline role and she likes playing Raven Queen style philosophy – shepherding the dead to their afterlife and combating undead with religious zeal.  Since I play a very OSR version of 5e I tend to create custom classes level 1 to […]

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Exploding Criticals

I find a d12 exploding critical system more fun instead of just doubling damage or rolling more damage dice – which can lead to massive pools of damage dice.  The d12 (criminally underused die) plus exploding mechanic is a nice balance between chaos and simplicity. In combat, most heroes deal +d12 damage on a natural […]

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The Eld(ar): Banshee Attack Squad

When my PCs stole the Golden Barge from the Eldar during the Slumbering Ursine Dunes adventure Major Xhom got away and has been attempting to retrieve the Golden Barge – a piece of Eldar science-wizard artifact. These will continue until they kill Major Xhom, here are some Eldar Banshees to help him out.  I use a short […]

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