Birdfood v2.0

As my party goes up against the Air Temple Cult (Cult of the Howling Hatred – a mishmash of every ToEE from 1e to 5e) one of my PCs remembered fighting this guy back in our first 5e campaign known as the Iron Gods.  Considering this particular villain stuck in her mind for so long, and she […]

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ARMOURY: Flash Goggles

These goggles’ lenses automatically darken in reaction to any bright light source, providing advantage on all saving throws against bright light effects that cause dazzling or blindness. When worn, they also allow creatures impacted by light blindness or light sensitivity to see normally in areas of bright light.

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ARMOURY: Medicae-Kit

MEDICAE-KIT (STANDARD) This is vital bit of equipment for any medic. A typical medikit contains various cataplasm patches, counterseptics, and synthetic skin applicators. A full medicae-kit has enough supplies to be used 5 times before it is depleted. When using a kit to provide healing, attempt a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check as a standard […]

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My party death with Birdfood last when I expected they would deal with him first so there were 7 level 6 characters against him.  Even with optimised attacking position (they attacked him while he was on the Hawk Palace balcony so he had height and range) they murdered his orc bodyguard (except one did the […]

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HELSKARG Large giant (troll), chaotic evil Armour Class 15 (natural Armour) Hit Points 145 (14d10 + 70) Speed 30 ft. STR     DEX     CON 20 (+5) 13 (+1) 20 (+5) INT       WIS     CHA 7 (-2)     9 (-1)    7 (-2) Skills Perception +2, intimidate +6 […]

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My players hit the main platform of the excavator yesterday as Hellion threw everything against them including Kulgara, Draigs and the Dark Creeper types.  Dark Slayer below. I used 4e version of the Creepers as the basis for the Dark and updated them to 5e DARK SLAYER  Small humanoid (fey), chaotic evil Armour Class 16 (leather) Hit Points 40 (8d6+16) Speed 30ft. […]

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