I had these messages randomly seeded throughout all six adventures.  They were designed to give the backstory of The Divinity as well as reward exploration.  My PCs found 17 of the 30.  Here is the full list.  Reading them straight through will give the full background in chronological order.  Some of the UNITY dialogue I […]


Hololithic Fragment 17

“You recovered this recording from Ozmyn, but it looks different to other recording devices you have found.  It is new and it is shaped as a glaring eye peering from a sawtooth gear.”  When played you hear a disturbing female voice sounds cold and cruel and is doubled up as she speaks: “In my talons, I […]

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Hololithic Fragment 16

Bought at the Night Market in Starfall by Sylvanus. A voice recording only “Following our victories in the Morbid Rift campaign, my regiment was rewarded with service in the indentured forces of a Rogue Trader house Drub. For over a decade, subjective, we cut a swathe through reaches of the void no man had ever […]

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Hololithic Fragment 14

Retrieved from the Dominion of the Black Hive. “Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.5.21.  The news download was very interesting and surprising.  Apparently the Imperium of Man had encountered a new and highly hostile xeno race.  Negotiations broke down quickly and war followed.  After a 15-year crusade against this Dominion of the Black these Illithid’s […]

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Hololithic Fragment 15

Retrieved aboard The Avenger by Heidt and Rikku. “Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.5.  The Nemesis is mostly intact.  She is heavily damaged but still operational.  Her comms and warp drive are damaged beyond repair.  We have sent out a call for a repair ship or tug to assist the Nemesis.  The captain of the […]

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Hololithic Fragment 13

“Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.5.27.  Still no sighting of the flayer fortress ship.  We are continuing to follow the vessels ion trail in to the Halo Domain.  The Divinity is faster so we should catch up to it soon”.  The Caelestis Imperium has no warp capability so is docked within one of my void […]

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Hololithic Fragment 12

“Lord-captain’s Log, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.9.  Seems the Adeptus people are immune to the disease.  They can be carriers but it does not affect them.  Some good news I guess.  Where is that damn flotilla?  We are only 1 jump from star 1G47Y6… the flayer fortress ship has completely ignored us ever since the boarding […]

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Hololithic Fragment 11

This is just a voice recording of a melodies female: “UNITY log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,110.9.21.  Crash landing on Earth class world with designation Pangaea has lead to catastrophic failure of reactor core.  Radiation leeks rampant.  Servitors instructed to contain and clean.  Xenomorph flora and fauna are to be ejected via airlock 8.  Please […]

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Hololithic Fragment 10

“Adeptus Ministronium Tech Priest Zara log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,103.6.18.  This will be my last log entry.  We have converted the Sister of Battle corvette – The Avenger – into a death trap.  While my sister and I are asleep the Black Templar Dreadnaught along with the servitors, computer system and automated defences have been […]

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Hololithic Fragment 09

This is just a voice recording of a melodies female: “UNITY log entry, Earth Calendar Date 41,110.9.20.  As mandated by Imperial law I am to include an automated incident report when a major malfunction has occurred.  After leaving the wormhole my engines were severely damaged.  Following emergency procedure I landed the ship on the nearest […]

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