OSR, D&D and the BroOSR

This was a great debate/discussion on inappropriate characters – though I felt the audience/Pundit were a bit harsh on Jeffro at some points.  Though I dont agree with Jeffro he made some good points.  My observations as someone who has been playing since 79/80 and went from B/X, BECMI to 1e AD&D in the mid […]

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Abstract Dungeon Exploring, Part 3

So, I recently started playing Temple of Elemental Evil, though I am mashing up every version of the adventure and using 5e maps mostly.  My PCs entered the Howling Hatred temple complex (Air Temple).  I didn’t have time to create cards as did here and even more elaborately here, so I used printed sheets on a […]

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Birdfood v2.0

As my party goes up against the Air Temple Cult (Cult of the Howling Hatred – a mishmash of every ToEE from 1e to 5e) one of my PCs remembered fighting this guy back in our first 5e campaign known as the Iron Gods.  Considering this particular villain stuck in her mind for so long, and she […]

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Message Board for your D&D Game

I am running my PCs through Hommlet and ToEE using the Castle & Crusades rules and running the adventures as (mostly) originally written.  One thing that became a hit with my PCs was a message board I setup in the tavern of the Welcome Wench and updated week to week.  Many of these items were […]

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Clash of the Titans – APOKALYPSIS

After 63 sessions over 17 months, the Clash of the Titans campaign finished up yesterday.  I am running the Odyssey of the Dragonlords as the basic campaign ticking in the background so my PCs confronted Lutheria (renamed to Nyx) and the 8 Forgotten Gods (Sunken City Empyreans) in their palace.  PCs won but I am […]

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5e Dragon Class (Silver)

Silver Dragon Progression as a character class XP Level HD Proficiency Save Proficiency Size Skills Maximum Spell Level Traits 0 1 2d8 +2 DEX Medium Perception  – Darkvision 60 ft., Immune to Cold damage, Natural Weaponry CR 2, Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft.† 300 2 3d8 +2  – Medium Stealth  – Ability Score Improvement, […]

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Character Funnel (System Neutral)

LEVEL 0 CHARACTER CREATION FUNNEL  You start as level 0 characters (nobodies) and must survive the adventure to get to level 1, at which point you can then pick a class. Your alignment is also unspecified and will be decided during the funnel based on how you act. You create 4 characters of zero level […]

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I bring you good news of great joy! —Luke 2:10 (ESV)  …and Happy New Year for 2022… let’s hope 2022 isn’t part three of a terrible trilogy of years and more like an Ewok Party.