Ikiryo (Stand) Monastic Tradition

A new monastic tradition for the monk class that fits both the world (Dying Earth/9th World Setting) and campaign theme (Oriental Adventures). Inspired by Jojo. IKIRYO MONASTIC TRADITION This monastic tradition recognises and accepts that all men have an evil spirit within them – the Ikiryo – but seek to control it instead of ignoring it. This […]

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The Ulysses 31

Posted here for my PC.  Inspired by the original. The Ulysses 31 This weapon can act as either a ranged weapon or a short sword (Trick tag).  Damage type and amount doesn’t change, just range is modified.  This switch is a bonus action.  Weapon does not consume ammunition but stops working on a natural 1 […]

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DRAFT.  Will be finalised after Oriental Adventures Campaign is complete.   At the dawn of time, war between gods and titans left the landscape of Thylea forever changed. Thousands of years later, the first mortals arrived, carried by ship and dragon. The Dragonlords were the champions who overthrew the Titans 500 years ago and forged […]



Credit to Mike Myler for the original conversion.  Summarised here for my PCs as part of the upcoming Clash of the Titans campaign. RACES EVERYBODY IS A HUMAN but has a Bloodline that makes them unique, proper classical heroes tied to the gods.  Plus everybody gets a feat of their choice at 1st level. Thylean Names […]

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D&D Ashlanders

After spending some time in ESO and starting in Morrowind I quite like the dark elf dynamic they have – with the civilized dark elf and wild dark elves. It would work with the drow of D&D with an offshoot barbaric Underdark tribes who reject both Lolth and drow society. The Ashlander drow wander the […]

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THE LENZ Weapon (shortbow), legendary (requires attunement) Bolts from this Corpus branded bow (what is “Corpus” is lost to time) deliver a one-two punch of an icy pulse, followed by a conventional explosion. Excess ammo picked up for other weapons will be converted into charges for the Lenz. Warning, safety-protocols do not exist on this prototype. […]

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Mystic Knight

A modified Eldritch Knight inspired by its namesake in Dragon’s Dogma. Mystic Knight “A versatile warrior who can also assist with enchantments and support skills.” Mystic Knights use both melee and magic in battle. They are a frontline class able to fight in the toughest of situations. Their primary weapon can be either a Sword […]

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The Right Hand of Nagash

Mixing D&D and Warhammer Fantasy lore together.  The (highly updated) lich(e) from the Dead Wedding adventure was wielding this item. The Right Hand of Nagash Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead Nagash, Supreme Lord of the Undead is the father of necromancy. A grand vizier of Nehekara – a desert kingdom that existed 10,000 years […]

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Susanoo’s Fury (Celestial Fury 2.0)

This is an upgraded version of Celestial Fury that became my kensai player’s kami weapon (tsukumogami) – level 15 class reward. Like all tsukumogami it grows in power as the PC does so the +6 option is also included here: Susanoo’s Fury Weapon (any sword), legendary (tsukumogami), requires attunement by a kensai Omen: When you […]

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Blossom Dance

A reward for defeating a CR 24 Void Dragon for my kensai player. Blossom Dance “Born in a world of strife, against the odds, we choose to fight! Blossom Dance!“ – Dunban Blossom Dance is a talent art passed down from master to pupil or through the trials of combat against an epic foe. You strike […]

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