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Disco Ball (Mandachord)

This ball, the approximate size of a large melon, is covered in a mirrored surface. This artifact of the Ancients is actually a robot known as the Mandachord and an autonomous unit (i.e. it can roll around itself following its owner). The Mandachord preserves all music throughout all of human history and continuously adds any new songs it encounters. It will only obey other musically like-minded creatures and aid them with its musical powers (i.e. a bard). Choose a song before the session, and tell your DM. You may play this song once during the session, and, based on its lyrics, those effects take place (DM’s discretion/interpretation). A song can only ever be used once per campaign. The same effect can not be used twice a row as the Mandachord doesn’t like to repeat itself (i.e. you can not have repeat effects like* raise dead* session after session). The use of the Mandachord automatically triggers a random encounter as the epic beats attract the attention of any sentient, hearing creature.
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