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ARMOURY: Rickenbocker Cittern

Green Guitar Pictures Music Wallpapers  20142One of the fun things about the Iron Gods Adventure path is the ability to introduce all sorts of technological doodads into the game.  Paizo provide a free tech guide which has all sorts of interesting items in it.  However many of the items don’t work so well in 5e and need conversion.  There are also a lot of items I just can’t see my characters using and so it ends up just cluttering up their inventories (fire extinguishers? emergency beacons?).  There is also a real lack of slug-thrower weapons in the list and fun items.  The former I understand since the Divinity is more a Star Trek type ship than a Warhammer 40k type.

This doesn’t fit my setting very well so I ended up changing it.  More on that in a separate post.  Here, however, is an example of a fun item that one of my players requested – an electric guitar.

Technological Gear, Uncommon
Weight: 2 lb., Capacity 10, 1 charge per hour (performance) or 1 charge per spell.

This item resembles a cittern but is heavier, has a reflective green sheen to it and clearly uses batteries.  It has a name in gothic on the side “RI-KEN-BOCK-ER”, perhaps the name of a bard college? This is an electric guitar and starts with 1d10 charges.  A charge can be expended to cast one of the following spells – barkskin, cure wounds and fog cloud.  The performers spell ability and related DCs are used for the spells cast from the guitar.  If the item is found in a timeworn state once it has exhausted its charges it can still be recharged and used as a normal electric guitar for related skills and tests.  This is an exception to the normal timeworn rules and many people would still consider it a magical item.

DM Note: I recommend that these are only found in a timeworn state to limit the potential abuse of the 1 charge = 1 cast ability of the guitar which makes it much more powerful than the equivalent version in the DMG.

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