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This is an example robot servitor for the mechromancer ranger class archetype.  Currently being used in my campaign by my son’s android character Heidt.


Medium construct (robot), unalignedScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 18.18.06

Armor Class 11 (natural armor)
Hit Points 11 (2d8 + 2)
Speed 40 ft. anti-grav plate, hover movement.  Restricted to 5 feet from ground.
STR     DEX     CON    INT    WIS  CHA
13 (+1) 11 (+0) 12 (+1)  4 (-4) 9 (-1) 5 (-3)
Senses passive Perception 9
Languages Common and Gothic
Challenge 1/4 (50 XP)

Intelligent. Robots are intelligent, and thus have skills and feats (upgrades – see below) as appropriate for their Hit Dice. The Mechromancer may also add his proficiency bonus to Deathtrap’s class skills.  Pick two skills as class skills for Deathtrap: Arcana, Techne, History, Investigation, Medicine, Nature, Religon and, Linguistics, Perception.

Vulnerable to Critical Hits. Whenever a robot takes extra damage from a critical hit, it must make a DC 15 Fortitude save to avoid being stunned for 1 round. If it makes a successful saving throw, it is staggered for 1 round. The robot remains immune to other sources of the stunned condition.

Vulnerable to ElectricityRobots take 150% as much damage as normal from electricity attacks, unless they are immune to electricity via other special defenses.

Upgradable. The Mechromancer may forgo gaining an ability boost and instead apply one of the following upgrades to D374-TP:

  • Force Fields: You add a flickering force field to Deathtrap sheathing it in a thin layer of shimmering energy that grants a number of bonus hit points equal to quadruple the Mechromancers proficiency bonus. All damage dealt to a robot with an active force field is reduced from these hit points first. As long as the force field is active, the robot is immune to critical hits. A force field has fast healing equal to the mechromancer’s proficiency bonus, but once its hit points are reduced to 0, the force field shuts down and does not reactivate until you complete a Long Rest.   You may select this feat twice and get the added benefit of Explosive Clap whenever the shield is exhausted.
  • Tank: You bolt on some rusty plates improving Deathtrap’s armor class by +2.  You may select this feat multiple times for a cumulative benefit.
  • Explosive Clap: Deathtrap creates an explosion that damages all nearby creatures.   This acts as a force based fireball effect with a DC of 8 + the Mechromancers’ proficiency bonus.  You may select this feat multiple times for a cumulative benefit of one extra die of damage.
  • The Stare: You add an integrated lasergun to D374-TP.  It has unlimited charges but not extra descriptors or abilities of a normal lasgun.  You must also consume an actual lasgun in the process of adding this upgrade. Otherwise it acts identically to the Mechromancers lasgun.
  • Make it Sparkle: D374-TP may imbue its adamantine claws with a particular element.  Add an additional 1d6 elemental damage of any type you wish to Deathtrap’s claws.  You may add further elemental types by picking this upgrade multiple times.  If Deathtrap has more access to more than one element the type of elemental effect can be determined by the Mechromancer from round-to-round as a free action.  However, Deathtrap is also intelligent enough to select the appropriate type under most circumstances.

Charge. If D374-TP moves at least 20 feet straight toward a creature right before hitting it with a tusk attack, the targetb takes an extra 3 (1d6) slashing damage and must succeed on a DC 11 Strength saving throw or be knocked prone.

Relentless (Recharges after D374-TP Finishes a Short or Long Rest). If D374-TP takes damage that reduces it to 0 hit points, unless the damage is equal to D374-TP maximum hit points or more or from a critical hit, it drops to 1 hit point instead.

A c t io n s ________________________________________________
Adamantine Claw. Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target.
Hit: 4 (1d6 + 1) slashing damage.

Art credit for D374-TP.

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