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ARMOURY: Grenade Launcher


Many Rogue Traders have found the simple grenade to be a wonderful equaliser in combat. Grenades are usually also small and easily concealed—an additional bonus for initial negotiations with heathens or aliens. Most grenades are standard munitions used by countless Imperial Guard forces, but as explorers who deal with a multitude of agencies and xeno races Rogue Traders have access to a wider range, including rare and exotic munitions only rumoured to exist.

The main drawback to grenades is that their range is limited to how far they can be thrown, so launcher weapons designed to propel modified grenades and explosives are necessary to attack a more distant enemy.


Weapon (technological), rare 

Damage as loaded grenade, 8lb., ammunition (battery (20), range 60/120), heavy, two-handed, and loading.  The launcher may hold 5 grenades and consumes a charge each time it is fired.  Proficiency: Big Guns.

Grenade launchers can fire a variety of grenade types but generally at a shorter range than other basic weapons due to the Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.05.50heavier nature of their payload. Unlike most weapons they can be fired in arcing shots designed to clear obstructions and strike farther into an enemy formation as well as simply being fired directly at foes. The common Voss design holds a clip of six rounds, but most find the weapon inaccurate even for a launcher. The Forge World of Mezoa produces what many believe a superior shoulder-mounted weapon with a longer range, for though it is a single shot device it has superior firing systems and is highly accurate.

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