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ARMOURY: Dartcaster

Weapon (technological), rare 

Damage 1d4 piercing plus poison.  5 lb.  Finesse.  Range 40/120.  Proficiency: Small Guns.

Dartcasters come in a variety of forms, most using pressurised gas or crossbow mechanisms to fire small metal slivers at high velocities. As they have only a small degree of damage on their own, most users dip the dart in powerful poisons or other chemicals. These can range from simple needler poison to exotics such as hallucinogens or tranquillisers. Dartcasters are a favourite for some bounty hunters as they are flexible enough that the user can select the exact pre coated dart desired (or coat the dart by hand with the desired chemical) then load in the dart for the shot.

In a pinch, skilled users can also simply throw the dart manually at the target. Many of the ammunition loads for dartcasters are coated with chemicals to mimic the effects of a hallucinogen grenade or are formed of holy silver and then blessed to have a greater effect upon a creature of the warp. Naturally, other poisons can also be delivered via a dartcaster as well.

The example found in Nimmeria use refillable poison canisters.  This allows anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge and ample poison experience to load any injury poison they have access to.  Darts are reusable if retrieved but the dartcaster works with even the low-tech darts of Pangaea.

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