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ARMOURY: Saint-blessed Carapace Chestplate

Carapace Armour is generally a sign of status, and is mostly worn by Imperial officers and agents. Made from moulded plates Cadian_Shock_Troopers_combat2of armaplas, ceramite, or other strong materials, it can cover the entire body or just sections depending on the desired level of protection. The Adeptus Arbites for example wear full body suits including a helmet, while many explorers favour a simple chestplate to wear over more comfortable mesh or flakweave suits.

Some bodysuits have slots designed for simple carapace plates to be inserted in, so that the overall suits can be rapidly configured for as much or little protection as desired. Damaged plates can be more easily replaced without requiring the purchase of an entire new suit.

+1 Saint-blessed Carapace Chestplate
Armour, rare 

A set of castellan green armour that once belonged to a Saint Lucia’s honourguard. Anointed and inscribed with the saint’s teachings, it is a sign to stir the faithful of the Imperial Creed.  Made from moulded plate of ceramite this is a baroque example of an otherwise simple chest plate.  It bears the standard of the Cadian 142nd.  It Grants AC 15 + DEX and is considered light armour.

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