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ARMOURY: Hand Flamer

Zagmander traded these to my characters for a remove curse spell. 

Flame pistols or hand flamers are small and good for only several shots, being designed for personal combat at close ranges. Each uses a canister mounted under the small barrel, making it a somewhat difficult to aim due to the heavy propellant case. Luckily the short ranged spray of flame it produces is enough to deal with most enemies.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 21.01.27SERAPHIM HAND FLAMER 
Weapon (firearm), Rare
Damage: 2d10 fire damage, 2lb., ammunition, (nannite, range 30/120), loading.  Ignites flammable objects that aren’t worn or carried.  Proficiency: Big Guns.

Primarily used by the warriors of the Adepta Sororitas, these weapons are designed for use in pairs and so can spew forth gouts of flame from both pistols at once. In addition, these Hand Flamers are designed to be used in melee combat and can release small controlled bursts of flame that use negligible amounts of promethium. The weapon can be used both as a ranged weapon and a melee weapon by those who are properly trained.  This particular model bears the icon of the Order of the Valorous Heart and has been modified to use nanite canisters as a fuel source.

The deadly weapons bears the icon you have seen before –  an eight pointed cross.

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