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ARMOURY: Hearth Mantle

The conversion process has begun in earnest for The Choking Tower.  

THE HEARTH MANTLEScreen Shot 2015-03-26 at 21.19.40
Wondrous item, rare

The inside of this long, thick shawl is cool muslin, while the outside is decorated with a flame-like rune. Hearth mantles are favored by t he faithful of Erastil, particularly those among his worshipers who rely upon the hunt for their livelihood. With a hearth mantle, one never has to worry about building a campfire in the wild.

A hearth mantle’s wearer gains a +1d4 bonus on saving throws against fire-based effects; the mantle itself is immune to fire damage. Once per day, the wearer can cause the leather exterior of the mantle to smolder for 1 minute. While smoldering, the hearth mantle sheds light as a torch.

If the user takes a full-round action to carefully spread a hearth mantle on the ground with its exterior facing up, a campfire ignites on the mantle’s fire rune. This campfire burns for 8 hours and requires no fuel. Any creature that sleeps within 20 feet of the mantle for the full duration of the campfire recovers all their expended hit dice, as if it had take two long rests consecutively. The campfire is automatically extinguished if the hearth mantle is picked up, but can also be extinguished through normal means.

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