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Converted for 5e, mostly required for aggregate creation.  Templates in 5e are almost non-existent but there is no reason the same system used in 3.5e doesn’t work.  In fact it can be used directly in 5e.  Template at the bottom.

Tiny Construct (artificial intelligence), neutral

Damage Threshold 20 (Compact AI core)CASANDALEE
Hit Points 80 (Compact AI core)

STR – (+0)                DEX   – (+0)                CON – (+0)
INT 18 (+3)               WIS   12 (+1)                CHA 20 (+5)

Feats Alert, Gearhead, Cypher Thief, Keen Mind, Linguist
Skills Arcana +6, Cybertheurgy +11, Religion +6, Perception +5, Survival +6
Languages Gothic, Aklo, Auran, Common, Draconic, Elven, Giant, Hallit, Orc
Challenge 12 (8,400 XP)

Distrust of Robots. Casandalee distrusts robots. She understands this is an illogical, almost emotional trait, but cannot bring herself to ever completely trust a robot to not harbour deep programming or other influences from Unity.  She cannot interface with a robot of CR 8 or higher to create an aggregate robot. In any event, Casandalee can control only one aggregate robot at a time, and it must remain within 60 feet of her AI core.

Electronic Interface. Casandalee has an intricate understanding of electronics, and her ability to interface with them via wireless protocol (to a maximum range of 60 feet) allows her to use her cybertheurgy skill on electronic objects with advantage.  Casandalee can aid another’s skill check against electronic devices, and if she does so, she automatically grants advantage on the check.

Memory Facets. As a CR 12 AI, Casandalee can benefit from up to 3 memory facets at any one time, but her compact AI core does not currently have any memory facets installed

Robo-jack. Casandalee can attempt to takeover a robot that is within 60 feet of her compact AI core.  The targeted robot must make a DC 20 Wisdom save or come under the control of Casandalee.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 00.40.56DESCRIPTION                                  
Although she may appear to be little more than a face in a crystal and a voice from nowhere, Casandalee is much more than the recorded memory of a woman who lost her faith.

TEMPLATE: AGGREGATE MACHINE                                  
“Aggregate” is an acquired template that can be added to any robot (referred to hereafter as the base robot), that gains some of the characteristics of an AI installed in it (referred to hereafter as the base AI). The base robot must have the storage capacity to house the base AI (subject to the DM’s discretion). An aggregate retains all the base robot’s statistics and special abilities except as noted here. The base AI is not damaged by the destruction of the aggregate, unless the AI is wholly contained within the aggregate’s processors (in which case the destruction of the aggregate also destroys the base AI).

The aggregate merges the skills, feats and languages and special abilities/traits of both the AI and the robot.  Where there is duplication the higher numerical valued skill or other ability takes precedence.  The robots INT, WIS and CHA scores are replaced by the AI.

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