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The Raven Queen’s Retribution​

A custom magic item for one of my PCs.
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Pistol, legendary (requires attunement, see desciption)
Range (40/120) does 3d6+1 radiant damage. 2lbs.  Reload.
This jet-black “wand” is embossed with the Raven Queen’s holy symbol this ancient artifact is a +1 laser pistol.  It counts as a magic weapon for overcoming damage resistance. No attunement required.
If you are a worshiper of the Raven Queen while attuned to this artifact, the weapon becomes a +3 laser pistol increasing its damage to 3d6+3 radiant.
If you are a cleric of the Raven queen you gain the following additional benefits while attuned:
  • It also acts as a holy symbol/focus for your divine spells.
  • You gain a +3 bonus to spell attack rolls. In addition, you ignore half cover when making a spell attack.
  • You can store a spell up to 3 levels into the weapon. The gun must be fired to trigger the stored spells.
On a natural 1, the weapon runs out of charges until the next long rest.


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