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Penumbra Hex Crawl

So I setup Penumbra in Dawn of the Overmind to be a hex crawl… I remembered that at level 18 they had access to flight but it wasn’t unlimited but then forgetting that my PCs have a SPACESHIP. My PCs ended up zipping from one point to the other on the map so the best I could do was describe what they saw – tribes of beastmen for example, strange alien beasts so forth.  This ended up working fine but here are the hex maps with points of interest just in case you run the adventure at a lower level or your PCs don’t think to use the spelljammer to move from A to B.



  • Top Left: Original Map
  • Top Right: PC Map – scan from the ship.
  • Bottom: DM’s Map.

Added a few more encounters including a colour-out-space at hex 10.02.  A Yangthee grove at 06.03 a wandering necrosphinx and a wandering scroll mummy mind flayer.

My PCs saw the necrosphinx, beastmen and scroll mummy as they flew their ship from point A to B but did not engage them.  Understandably they wanted to minimise their time on Penumbra because Earth was freezing over and they felt they were on a time limit – which is fair enough.

I created example beastmen packs the PCs could encounter. At this stage they are level 18 so these are no threats more flavour for when the PCs roamed the area:


 Hyena Pack

  • 14 hyenas
  • 7 gnolls
  • 5 Gnolg Fangs of Yeenoghu
  • 1 Gnoll pack lord

Goat Pack

  • 27 Bugbears
  • 10 chaos hounds (as hell hound but replace fire with poison).

Bray (Pig) Pack

  • 4 orcs
  • 1 Orc Eye of Gruumsh
  • 1 Wyvern (purple eyes, black-skinned, three tails)
  • 1 Worg (black, six legs)
  • 1 Orog
  • 1 Ettin

Mixed Pack

  • 7 gnolls
  • 4 orcs
  • 4 satyrs
  • 2 centaurs
  • 1 minotaur


  • 15 centaurs
  • 5 fiendish centaurs

The centigors will shadow the party but not attack until they have a 20 to 1 advantage. This horde will slowly grow if the PCs do nothing

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