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This is a conversion of a 3e prestige class but I didn’t feel there was enough here to make it an archetype. It is also a common trope in Anime.


Harnessing ki energy is an essential ability for many characters in Oriental Adventures. For sword maidens, the harnessing of ki allows – along with the use of agility – to stand their own against male warriors and otherworldly threats like oni. Sword maiden seeks to unite a single weapon of choice with the body, to make them one, and to use the weapon as naturally and without thought as any other limb.

There is no formal school for this fighting technique it is nearly always a father teaching his daughter or a weapon master with a pupil.


  • Female.
  • These traits all apply to a single bonded weapon that the sword maiden picks when she takes this feat. The weapon may be changed between long rests but it must be a weapon the character is proficient in.

You gain the following benefits when you take this feat:

  • You gain +1 to your Dexterity up to a maximum of 21.
  • You gain 3 ki points if your current class does not provide you with any.
  • Ki Damage. After scoring a hit with your weapon of choice, you can choose not to roll dice to determine the damage. Instead, you figure the normal maximum damage (not a critical hit) you can inflict and deal that much damage to the target. This costs 1 ki point to use.
  • Increased Multiplier. You can deal extra damage with a critical hit. The damage multiplier of the weapon master’s favoured weapon is increased by 1. For example, the katana has a critical multiplier of ×2. Using this ability, you can increase that multiplier to ×3 once per day at 2nd level. As a weapon master increases in level, he can use this ability more frequently. This costs 1 ki point to use.
  • Weapon Focus. You add an additional +1 to all attack rolls with your weapon of choice.
  • Superior Combat Reflexes. You have a number of Reactions in a round equal to your Dexterity modifier. You may only use the extra reactions to make one melee attack as part of an attack of opportunity with your bonded weapon.
  • Ki Critical. Your bonded weapon’s critical range increases by 1 (Prerequisite: proficiency bonus +4).
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