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Cleric or White Mage?

Since my setting is future-fantasy – more Dying Earth than Fantasy Europe – I thought I would steal the white mage, black mage etc from the Final Fantasy games. I think these make more sense in a world set in the distant future where technology is magic than cleric, wizard without crossing the line into technological named classes like nano, technomancer etc.  Maintains the theme better.

These categorisations are “academic” since magic is essentially the same from the point of view of a scholar.  But its not uncommon to hear the more mundane usage wizard, cleric etc.

  • Black Mage: Arcane (wizard, sorcerer etc).
  • White Mage: Divine (cleric, druid etc).
  • Green Mage: Divine – druid specific.
  • Red Mage: Bard.
  • Blue Mage: Nothing really fits this.
  • Summoner: Some druid archetypes.
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