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Blossom Dance

A reward for defeating a CR 24 Void Dragon for my kensai player.

Blossom Dance

Born in a world of strife, against the odds, we choose to fight! Blossom Dance!
– Dunban

Blossom Dance is a talent art passed down from master to pupil or through the trials of combat against an epic foe. You strike up to four times with progressively greater power, the third time hitting twice and the final strike hitting all enemies within reach.  Using blossom dance uses your attack action and it can not be coupled with any other class abilities that increase attacks – like action surge. You gain the following benefits:

  • You gain proficiency in the Charisma (Performance) skill.
  • The number of strikes is dependent on successfully making a Charisma (Performance) check as follows:
    1. First Strike – normal attack. Must recite the Blossom Dance haiku or Blossom dance fails.
    2. Second Strike – DC 10 Performance check. On a success the target takes an additional die of weapon damage (+ 1dW damage).
    3. Third Strike – DC 12 Perfomance check and you strike the same enemy twice and with damage increased by +1dW per strike.
    4. Forth Strike – DC 14 Performance check and on a success you strike all enemies within your weapon’s reach for an extra +1dW damage.

Reciting the Blossom Dance haiku perfectly in Japanese grants you advantage on this roll (DM’s discretion). Anytime you fail the Perfomance check you still land a normal hit, however, the Blossom Dance ends.


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  1. solomani

    Reduced the DCs to give a better than even chance of success assuming +6 proficiency bonus as fighter types are unlikely to have any CHA bonus generally.

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