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The Pavilion of the Dark Spider

Encounter in the Garden of Vivid Decay. This thing killed two of my PCs but it was a fun battle fighting a funnel web the size of a house.

The Pavilion of the Dark Spider

This pavilion teeters on the edge of the garden and stares into the dark, the remnants of a graceful arched bridge more intact than others at the edge extends out across the dark void beneath, this bridge has a gap of a mere dozen or so feet between it and the remnants of the other side of the arch, which touches the choking pagoda above. 

The pavilion, like the others in the garden is little more than a roof supported on four stone corners, with a circular entrance at both the garden side and the far side where the bridge extends outwards. In the centre of the pavilion are the dry remains of an ornate circular pond, which now forms a shaft which drops twenty feet before the remnants of a large clay pipe six feet or so across and which presumably once fed the pond with water. The bridge extends from, whilst ruined, is safe to leap across, the gap is fifteen feet. The water pipe is some eight feet long and then opens into a large circular space where a gargantuan funnel web lurks (I used this tarantula but made it’s poison a save or die roll). 


During Combat The tarantula waits until someone enters the dry lake-bed or until movement of any opponents reaches the bridge. The tarantula then attacks, first with its barbed hairs, and then bite. It takes any overpowered prey back into its lair to digest later. 

Morale The creature flees back into its lair when reduced to 50 Hit Points, but if attacked in its lair it fights until killed.


The bodies of six dry okami lie in the spider’s lair. Each of these hobgoblins wears a kabuto (metal helm) with curved horn clasped onto brow to form a crescent moon shape, and breastplate with scale armour trim. There are also 3 morning stars and 3 glaives within the chamber.

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