D6. Hall of Lost Grandeur

There were too many rooms in this dungeon that were essentially “break down door and kill the orc”.  Mixed it up by changing some of the room encounters.  This was the last time they encountered the stonewalker spirit as he took over statues to harass the party. The party got surprise and the red onryoki died in the first […]

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red onryoki

Big Bad tank that didn’t last 1 round! Version 2 needs to be tankier. NPC is a direct Inspiration Onryoki from Nioh. RED ONRYOKI Huge fiend (oni), chaotic evil Armor Class 19 (Natural Armor) Hit Points 310 (23d12 + 161) Speed 40 ft.  STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 25 (+7) 11 (+0) 25 (+7) 6 (-2) 13 (+1) 14 (+2) Saving Throws STR +13, DEX +6, CON +13, WIS […]

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sisters of the broken path

In the original pathfinder adventure (Forest of Spirits), but modified them to menace my ki using PCs, in particular the ki-happy ninja who was terrified of them though they were not much a real threat to be honest. But psychological threat is just as good from the DM’s perspective.   SISTERS OF THE BROKEN PATH Medium humanoid (goblinoid, okami), lawful evil Armor Class 17 […]

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bodak geiko

These mobs were purposely created to show how the bad guys can use the Oiran class against them.  Was a fun encounter as the PCs realised they prefer not to be on the receiving end of the geiko’s buffing songs.   BODAK GEIKO Medium undead, chaotic evil Armor Class 15 (natural armor, tattered kimono) Hit Points 58 (9d8 + 18) Speed 30 […]

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okami leader Shizu

I had this NPC harass the party throughout the adventure withdrawing before she could be cornered.  They eventually pinned her at the Lake Bed (see tactics below).  But she eventually became a respected enemy and instead of killing her they knocked her out and used the sacred brush to rewrite her memory and alignment.  She […]

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The Japanese doppelgänger.  Residents of the gutted pagoda. The kumo are at war with the oni and okami. Built off the 5E/4E drider. I didn’t get to use Akinosa but a DM always reuses his stuff so he appears later re-skinned.  Akinosa Large monstrosity (shapechanger, yokai), neutral evil Armor Class 19 (natural armor)  Hit Points 129 (13d10 + 52) Speed 50 ft., […]

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the gossamer

The Japanese doppelgänger.  Residents of the gutted pagoda. The kumo are at war with the oni and okami. Built off the 5E/4E drider. I didn’t get to use these in the original adventure but ended up using them later as as assassins.  JORO-GUMO SHADOW DANCER (HYBRID) Large monstrosity (yokai, joro-gumo), chaotic evil Armor Class 19 (black silk kimono embroidered with […]

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Gakimushi Nest 

The original cut content used phase spiders which I didn’t really feel was very “Oriental Adventures”.  Swapped them with these guys. Had my PCs head scratching but otherwise a fairly straightforward encounter.   Gakimushi Nest  Lurking in the upper arms of a 100’ high keteleeria is a particularly dense web which shrouds the whole canopy of the tree, which chokes […]

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buso geisha

Stole the idea from the Paizo Jade Regent boards.  I felt it fit my game very well since one of my PCs is an oiran/geiko. My PCs skipped the Pagoda portion of the dungeon but a more deadly version was in the Munasukaru’s Penance area. BUSO GEISHA (GREATER TIGBUANA BUSO) Medium undead, chaotic evil Armor […]

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