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Ancient of Mumu

Decided to go even more gonzo in the current visit to the Maze of the Blue Medusa and added this to the art installations set throughout the maze.

There are three statues here with a backdrop:

The first is a tall creature with a great horn but otherwise shrouded in a robe, it’s humanoid but nothing more can be said about it. It is holding a star and handing it to two smiling human statues – a man and woman in form-fitting clothes – garb you have never seen before – look up at the larger horned and robed statue. The backdrop shows a mighty city with towering buildings and vehicles flying about and the milky way in the background.
The horned creature seems to be handing the star to the human male.
If the hieroglyph describing the statue can be translated (through magic or a DC 14 INT check) it reads “Ancient of Mumu gifts humanity with the ability to travel the stars circa 2023”
If any character listens closely and the surroundings are quiet they can hear a soft female voice singing “Justified and Ancient” over and over.
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