Rethiarius the Sentinel

As part of the Expedition to the Barrier Peaks campaign, my PCs took on their first boss.  8 PCs and 4 Henchmen/NPCs with an average level of 6.  The boss was a Rubik-like cube robot/mechanical entity called Rethiarius.  Corrupted by a creature known as a Telepath (a reskinned mind flayer, inspired by Prey 2017).  The […]

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Ancient of Mumu

Decided to go even more gonzo in the current visit to the Maze of the Blue Medusa and added this to the art installations set throughout the maze. There are three statues here with a backdrop: The first is a tall creature with a great horn but otherwise shrouded in a robe, it’s humanoid but […]

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Gardens of Ynn Chess Set

Converted here for my own reference, statblock light.  Built of earth elementals for the Court of the White Queen who is eternally at war with the Black Mountain King.  My PCs decided to actually play chess and the Court of the White Queen won.  As a reward, they received a wand of wonder, a bag […]

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The Dead Wedding

The (highly updated) lich(e) from the Dead Wedding adventure.  I like tactical encounters but I can’t do them often as they are time-consuming – for example, this encounter took 4 hours with six PCs. But it was a lot of fun for both me and the PCs.  Stole the setup from Dungeon 175. I find […]

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