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This is a go to collection of bounty hunter types (or even an enemy party) put here for my own reference:

  • Akradenn is the captain.
  • Beornre is Akradenn’s Number One and a powerful nano-mage,
  • Rancis and Aered lead the rest of the Technic League Guard, and both report to Beornre.  They are twins and have served with Akradenn since the days before the Technic League when he was a Baatuziologist.
  • Evet is also a long-time team member and provides the tyrg’s used by Akradenn.
  • Finally, Akradenn force is rounded out by five riot suppressors and several hirelings and tyrgs.

April, 2034: Updated for a more recent 5e game, link to the update here.

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