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Character Funnel (System Neutral)


  • You start as level 0 characters (nobodies) and must survive the adventure to get to level 1, at which point you can then pick a class.
  • Your alignment is also unspecified and will be decided during the funnel based on how you act.
  • You create 4 characters of zero level at the first session using this template.  You roll the attributes for each in order using 3d6.  I wouldn’t bother naming them.
  • Level 0 characters have 1d4 hit points + CON and start with a random profession (see below) which determines other equipment you will have (will provide on the day).
  • You are assumed to be knowledgeable in the occupation you rolled for the rest of your characters life.
  • You start with gp based on your Wisdom modifier (you could potentially be in debt).
  • You also get 1 boon for each 18 you have.
  • Depending on the adventure, you may also start with a rumors to help set the scene.
  • Any surviving characters ding to level 1.  You may now pick your starting class.
  • At the same time you can do one of the following:
    • Demi-humans can become human if they wish.
    • If you are human and have a “lower class” background, you can become a half-orc (only 1 PC, any conflict the DICE decide).
    • If you are an elf you can switch to become a half-elf (only 1 PC, any conflict the DICE decide).
    • If you are a halfling you can witch to become a gnome (only 1 PC, any conflict the DICE decide).
  • You may add 1d6 to your class prime attribute to a maximum of 18 (ignore this if playing 5e).
  • If you do switch races adjust your ability scores appropriately (see the relevant Player’s Handbook)
  • You get maximum hit points at level 1, if this is higher than your level 0 total, your class hit points replaces it.
  • If you have more than 1 surviving character you may also create a second backup character if you like.
  • Optional – if your surviving character has an INT, WIS or CHA score that is 16+ has a chance of having psionics.  Roll 1d100, on a 100 you have psionics.  You can add 2.5 for each point above 17 INT, 1.5 for each point above 17 in WIS and 0.5 for each point above 17 in CHA.  More details if you actually roll it.
  • You also decide the following and provide them to the DM on a piece of paper and/or email:
    • 3 things you would fight for.
    • 1 thing you are scared of.
    • 1 thing you would die for.

Profession & Race Table 






Campaign Specific Notes:

  • If you roll an elf roll a 1d10, on a 1 you are a half-elf.
  • If you roll an halfling, roll a 1d10, on a 1 you are a half-orc.

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