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Abstract Dungeon Exploring, Part 3

So, I recently started playing Temple of Elemental Evil, though I am mashing up every version of the adventure and using 5e maps mostly.  My PCs entered the Howling Hatred temple complex (Air Temple).  I didn’t have time to create cards as did here and even more elaborately here, so I used printed sheets on a A3 map, and, this worked really well.

The map allowed the whole dungeon to be explored and, as needed, I could place physical miniatures on the board. It also took full advantage of the player maps I had.  I then printed out the room descriptions on a A4 paper which I cut/folded to fit the room.  When the PCs entered an area, they would pick up the paper and read out the ‘read about text”.  This was way more engaging than me doing it and it gave a boardgames feel to the exploration – and I feel this is a positive as its more engaging.

Of course this won’t work if you want your PCs to map, but, for those of us who dont like running huge dungeon crawls as written, this is a good alternate I have had success with on 4 occasions now.

Temple of the Howling Hatred

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