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Baking (5e feat)

Posting this home-brew baking feat for one of my PCs whose background is baker and wanted to do magical baking, which I think is a good idea so codifying it.

Magical Baking

When you take this feat you gain +1 INT and can bake the equivalent of 0 level spells. There must be an in game narrative/reason for your character to be able to take this feat. You must describe what kind of baked good you are making and should be consistent about it. The baking feat provides the following additional benefits:

  • You gain proficiency in Intelligence (Baking Utensils).
  • Baked Spell. You can mimic a 0-level spell by making a Baking Utensil check vs the spell level of 10 + Spell Level. For example, a level 1 baked spell has a DC of 11.  Spells that you can bake generally should only fall into the buff/enhancement as well as healing schools of magic.  The DM has final say on what spell you can or cannot turn into a pastry. You can only make the check once a day and requires access to an oven (or equivalent), 1 hour of time and the cost of the required flour (1 lbs per attempt at 4 cp per bag).  Even on a failure your food is edible and may be used as 1 days ration.
  • You may expand the recipe list of your baked spells by spending XP to learn a specific spell to bake and spending a week perfecting the recipe. You spend 100xp per spell * the spell level. For example, a level 1 spell costs 100xp to create a recipe for and 1 week of research/practice time.  A level 9 spell costs you 900xp and 1 week of practice.
  • You can not learn to bake a spell that is higher than your level equivalent of a cleric. For example, you must be level level 5 to bake 3rd level spells.
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