A Whale to Remember

Posted here as reference for my PCs. Urlkathoon Awakened Cachalot Whale Gargantuan beast, chaotic neutral Armor Class 16 (barkskin, if dispelled AC is 14) Hit Points 276 (24d20 + 24) Speed 0 ft., swim 60 ft.  STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA 19 (+4) 14 (+2) 13 (+1) 12 (+1) 22 (+6) 7 (-2) Saving Throws INT +8, WIS +13 Skills Medicine +13, Nature +8, Perception +13 Senses Blindsight 120 ft., passive Perception 22 […]

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An epic level threat for an oriental adventures campaign.  Directly inspired by the creature of the same name from Nioh which in turn comes from the original Japanese folklore version. Gasha-Dokuro is a gigantic yokai born from the remains of the fallen soldiers at Sekigahara. Even in spite of its power and the number of […]

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Ithkarsus – Epic Kraken Cleric

Looking to use Raising of Redshore (Dungeon 092) as a gateway to epic leveling as well as a way to bring the octopi into the Oni Wars.  Here is one of the more interesting enemies converted to 5e. Ithkarsus has a dire shark animal companion (use a dragon turtle stat block).  I really don’t like […]

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5e Epic Progress

Some quick and dirty rules for epic progression based on the 3.0e Epic Handbook. EPIC CHARACTER PROGRESSION Simply, an epic character is one that has progressed to 21st level.  The ability to progress to the next level should be linked to an epic adventure or trial it should not happen automatically (there are plenty of […]

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Treasures from “Dawn of the Overmind” – The Annulus. This is also the “mcguffin” of the adventure.   THE ANNULUS Artifact, automatically attunes The Annulus appears as a 1-foot-diameter ring of silvery metal of some unknown alloy Slots, antennae, spheres, and other arcane projections decorate the exterior of the hoop; however, there is sufficient space […]



In “Dawn of the Overmind” after defeating the Unredeemed Beast the PCs make their way to the Overmind itself – a space station (or ethereal station) where the mind flayers are trying to undo reality and reinstitute their galaxy-wide empire. The PCs must use the Annulus to destroy the Engine Consumate (and thus the space […]


epic level Strahd von Zarovich

My players voted for a Gothic Horror themed campaign so will be playing a heavily modified Curse of Strahd.  Heavily modified because I will have 8 players all starting at level 14.  Will also be adding a lot more Lovecraftian (ala Bloodborne) touches to expand the adventure beyond just Strahd.  Publishing this draft version for […]

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