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5e Epic Progress

Some quick and dirty rules for epic progression based on the 3.0e Epic Handbook.


Simply, an epic character is one that has progressed to 21st level.  The ability to progress to the next level should be linked to an epic adventure or trial it should not happen automatically (there are plenty of examples in basic D&D. For something specific and more usable see Dungeon Magazine #092 and the adventure “The Raising of Redshore“).  Epic characters all progress the same way and do not receive any new benefits – like spell slots – but do gain new hit points and HD. Abilities that scale with level are also affected. Ability scores may now be raised above 20 as well to a maximum of 30.  Characters will use feats to improve their class going forward.  Though there is no theoretical limit to leveling, however, proficiency bonus increases stop at level 30.

Level   XP  Proficiency
21          378,000 +6 Ability Improvement
22          406,000 +7
23          435,000 +7
24          480,000 +7 Ability Improvement
25          500,000 +8
26          520,000 +8
27          540,000 +8
28          560,000 +8 Ability Improvement
29          580,000 +9
30          600,000 +9
31+  10,000 * Level n/a  +1 per 4


Here is an example of an epic feat. These feats are only available to characters of level 21+

Armoured Skin
Your skin becomes like armor, you gain the following benefits:

  • You may increase your Strength, Dexterity or Constitution by 1.
  • Your base AC increases from 10 to 12.


Epic level spells use your Arcane or Religion skill to cast and are considered 10th level spells.  They must be researched before they can be learned and cast. There is always a chance you may fail the related skill check and the spell fails.  Here are some examples.

DC Spell Description
20 Peripety Ranged attacks against you are reflected bac on your attacker.
21 Ruin Objects or target takes 20d6 damage.
22 Dreamscape You physically travel the region of dreams.
23 Mummy Dust Create two Large CR 18 Mummies.
24 Dragon Knight An adult red dragon appears and attacks your enemies. Ritual
25 Origin of Species: Achaierai Create a true-breeding creature.
26 Eclipse A solar eclipse follows you.
27 Let Go of Me Grapples takes 20d6 damage, you take 10d6.
28 Spell Worm Subject abandons all its spells.
29 Epic Mage Armor Subject gains AC 20 for 24 hours.
30 Animus Blast Victims of your 10d6 coldball animate as skeletons and serve you.
31 Dragon Strike Ten adult red dragons appear and attack your enemies. Ritual
32 Lord of Nightmares You are posses by a dream larva for 20 rounds and take 12d6 damage.
33 Rain of Fire You create a 2-mile-radius fire storem dealing 1 point of fire damage per round.
34 Raise Island You create a small island in the sea.
35 Contingent Resurrection Subject automatically resuurected if slain.
36 Epic Repulsion One creature or object is warded against one type of creature.
37 Mass Fog All in 40-ft. radius are trasnformed into frogs
38 Soul Scry You experience everythign the target experiences.
39 Crown of Vermin You have an aura of one thousand venomous vermin.
40 Dominator You permenetnly dominate a creature who becomes your willing servent.

Banner Credit: “Adventurers” by Sandara.

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