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Feat: Lords and Ladies

In my home setting elves are fey with a strong link to the historical view of what an elf was like.  My view is very similar to the one in Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett.  This feat allows elves to become more like their ancestors.

Prerequisite Elf

Your link to the original elven race before it was sundered in three runs true.

  • You gain a +1 bonus to Charisma.
  • You gain vulnerability to iron weapons.
  • You gain resistance to all non-iron, nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage.
  • You gain the glamour supernatural ability.  Once per day for up to 1 hour you ensorcel yourself to appear beautiful to anyone looking upon you.  Not only will they find you attractive, but all Charisma ability checks and dependent skills gain a +5  bonus.  This effect does not change any specifics of your appearance, such as gender, race, and so forth, although it proves useful to cast in conjunction with disguise self or alter self.

Taking this feat multiple times provides any two of the following benefits :

  • Brutal Accuracy.  A hit with elven accuracy reroll gains extra damage equal to your main combat ability bonus.
  • Elven Accuracy.  Once per day as part of an attack action, you may reroll your to-hit die.
  • Fey Duelist.  You may expend your fey step ability to gain advantage on your next attack roll. Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Fey Sneak.  While your fey step is not expended, you can make a Thievery Tools or Sleight of Hand check at a range of 30 feet.  If you do so, you have disadvantage on the roll.  Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Hawkeye Warrior. +1d4 to attack rolls after using elven accuracy.
  • Hunter’s Advantage. You deal +1d4 damage against quarry with combat advantage.
  • Light Step.  You gain double proficiency bonus to acrobatics and stealth and can share your movement speed with your group if in any natural non-Underdark terrain.
  • Longsword Finesse. Treat your longsword as if it had the versatility trait.
  • Moon Elf Resilience.  Spend a HD to heal yourself as part of your fey step.  Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Opportunistic Accuracy.  If you use elven accuracy and still miss the target you do not expend its use.
  • Reactive Fey Step.  As a reaction, when you suffer forced movement you may use fey step.  Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Sun Elf Grace.  +1 to AC and all saving throws if you use your fey step before becoming bloodied (50% hit-points).   Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Swordmage.  When you use your fey step racial power to teleport to a square adjacent to an enemy, you can make a single melee attack against that enemy as a bonus action.  Prerequisite is fey step.
  • Wild Elf Luck.  When using elven accuracy, you may add +1d4 bonus on the reroll.
  • Wood Elf Agility.  On acrobatics and athletics checks, d20 roll of 2-7 counts as 8.




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