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From the diary of Rikku Yufina Kyius: Iron Gods Session 8

Our Brave Band of Adventurers:

  • Charisma, a “human” -mutant- sorceress whose power source is Gamma Radiation which she was exposed to as a child.  As a child of the Atom her hair goes green in the presence of radiation and she progressively gets greener the more powerful spells she casts (and as she gets angry).  She has no love for the Technic League.
  • Heidt, a ranger who has traded an affinity for nature for an affinity for machines.  This android has mastered cybertheurgy as well as the lasgun.  Has chosen the mechromancer archetype (blog post at some later point!).  Seeking to learn more about his history he has become an archaeological expert on all things related to the Rain of Stars.
  • Rikku, an elven rogue who was adopted by Khonnir Baine when he found her wandering the wasteland near Torch more than a decade ago.  She claims to be a blood elf from a far-away land.  Her history is tied up with a nearby ruin.
  • Sylvanus, a dark elf monk who escaped the clutches of mind flayer slavemasters in the area of the Scar of the Spider after a daring raid by surface dwelling heroes freed her.
  • Brokthor, a human fighter who was raised by dwarfs and thinks he IS a dwarf.
  • Tufast, a human cleric who serves the unpredictable goddess of thunder and lightning Dorana.  Much like his barbarian family he hates technology and has a particular spite for robots.  He sees the cleansing power of Dorana as the perfect antidote to the curse of the robot infestation of Nimmeria.

Lords of Rust

Session 8

By Rikku Yuffina Kyrus

We look around and see 3 dead horses with bits of cut meat. We can see fire and dead human bodies. All the dead look like they have been shot. As we wake up Hatchet Hands a stressed filled voice calls from the watchtower. We notice this door is barred from the outside so we break it down. Inside are four bound prisoners. They look very scared. They say they are the guards of the fort, so we untie them. They thank us gratefully while one heals the rest. The healer introduces himself as Captain Kraklos. The Smilers just came a few hours ago, so we came just in time. The fort is always lightly guarded and not many travelers come by these days. The captain thinks he knows the reason for the attack. A new gang called the Lords of Rust is in power in Scrap Wall. The Smilers, he thinks, attacked to impress the Lords of Rust, and earn more respect. The Captain tells us all the names and races of all the high and respected ones in the Lords. There is an android called Mianda, who hasn’t come back from her latest mission. She was the leader of the Lords and the high priest of Hellion. There is a troll called Helskarg, a half-orc cleric named Nalakia, a four-armed creature known as Zagmaander, a chain ettin who calls himself Draigs, and an orc barbarian, Kulgara, the current leader. We ask the Captain about Aldronard. He says Aldronard was a knight long ago. When he got here, a message came to him saying his fiancée had died. In his grief Aldronard jumped off the chapel. Since then he has haunted the chapel. We thank the Captain and wake up Hatchet Hands. Surprisingly he laughs and he calls himself Uwa. We question him. He says he has come by the orders of Marrow, who is his leader. He says Hellion is going to conquer Numeria- somehow. Uwa mumbles to himself about Marrow and how unhappy he or she is going to be. We persuade him to tell us of the back entrance to the Smilers secret hideout. Then we kill him. Brocktha goes into the chapel alone. Tufast, Hiedt, and Sylvanus go to Scrap Wall. I have a long rest with Charisma. Brocktha comes out of the chapel and is happy to inform us that the ghost is gone. We wait till morning, and then we start for Scrap Wall. We meet up with the others. They tell us of a big flying lion with radiation going to Scrap Wall last night. We got to Scrapwall in an hour or two and find the back entrance easily. We go in.

We go through a very winding corridor. We get to a metal door, which seems to be out of power. But someone has added a scrappy handle. We open it. This looks like a surgical area, but it is really dirty. There is movement on the table. We look and see 3 cyborg zombies. We fight. When they are dead we see 1 double door and 1 normal door. Both are metal and have bad scrap handles. We hear the clanking of metal and the sound of a drawn sword beyond the normal door. Tufast opens it a crack but something inside pushes it open with a lot of force. Four heavy armored skeletons are crowded inside what looks like a small bedroom/lab. A she-hobogoblin is behind them with 2 wands in hand. We guess she is Marrow. When we kill her skeletons she says, “My beautiful creations.” But that is all she says. When she dies we see all of the skeletons and Marrow have the Smiler tattoo and a blood red hand symbol. We search the room they came from. Marrow seems to be a necromancer. Along with good items there is a small satchel with a matching bow, with a crimson fang on both. We go back to the surgical room and find a secret door. We go in. We go through a small corridor.

We find another poorly hidden door. We hear hearty laughing on the other side. We enter. Four Smilers are laughing and talking around a table. We show them Marrow’s head and say we are going to take over. They drop their guns and run away with frightened faces to a pair of double doors at the end of the room. We hear a deep voice say, “Hey! Where are you going?” we hear loud footsteps coming this way. A big ogre asks us who we are and then attacks. He avoids all guns. When he dies we notice he has a Smiler tattoo. We search 11 rooms, which are all stinky bunks, and find nothing. Since we have come to this hideout, monitors with a robot eye watch us fight. We go to the double doors where the scared Smilers ran. This room has two tables and a red button. A dead Smiler is on the floor. Tufast presses the button, which all of us disagree with. We hear something power down. We go through double doors next to the red button. We come out in Scrap Wall. A powered down laz gun with a bright red gem is just ahead. Hiedt examines it and says it has eight charges left. We change the Smiler symbol on the door to a crimson lotus, our gang symbol. As we enter something says, “Attention, a new gang called the Crimson Lotus has replaced the Smilers.” It is very loud and it sounds like a robot. We go through double doors to the North. We come to a room with tubes (like the ones we found Khonnir in). When we enter eight out of nine tubes shatter. Eight zombie-cyborgs come out. The 9th tube is chained. We kill the zombies easily and smash the chained tube. A ratman falls out. He thanks us. He tells us he is the owner of the bag and bow. His name is Whisskifiss, the brother of the leader of the red-fang gang. He wants us to take him back to his sister and to talk.

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