ARMOURY: Violet Rations

RATION PACKS Most food in the Imperium is packaged, processed, and usually completely unrecognisable as anything edible. The quality of ration packs varies widely, ranging from simple and poor fare such as corpse starch rations or cultured algae to flavoured strips of grox meat and fine nutrislurry. Violet Rations Technological Gear, Uncommon Violet rations are particularly […]

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ARMOURY: Flash Goggles

These goggles’ lenses automatically darken in reaction to any bright light source, providing advantage on all saving throws against bright light effects that cause dazzling or blindness. When worn, they also allow creatures impacted by light blindness or light sensitivity to see normally in areas of bright light.

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ARMOURY: Medicae-Automata

Common Features of both Medcae-Automata: Both medicae-automata weigh 10 lbs (1 inventory slot). Both medicae-automata have a depletion rate of 1 in 20.  This is checked each time the medicae-automata is used unless otherwise specified. When the medicae-automata over heals a target, the target gains temporary hit points equal to the over-healed amount. The medicae-automata […]

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ARMOURY: Scorpions Claw

Gave this to Nalakai.  He promptly shot two shurikens which missed and embedded themselves into the skymetal wall.  The monk in the party, Sylvannus, gasp and immodestly said “mine!”.  I had made a point earlier in Fires of Creation that skymetal was impervious to even magic let alone normal weapon attacks.  So it was nice to […]

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