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Scrapwall to me seems like Bartertown from Mad Max 2: Beyond Thunderdome.  I even rented it on iTunes and rewatched it to get into the “mood” of things.  Even the arena screams THUNDERDOME.  I also redid the Steelhawks so they look more like the Bartertown guards and my players got a chuckle out of the fact that the SteelHAWKS have MoHAWKS.  My players are easily amused which is great for me as the DM.

In the vain of Bartertown I decided to not allow buying/selling here but purely a barter system which I have appended below:

Money isn’t used to purchase stuff in Scrapwall. If you want to find something, you need to make a Charisma (Diplomacy) check to track down someone that has it and is willing to give it up.

  • For mundane items its a DC 10.  This includes anything in the PHB.
  • For services and common, uncommon and some rare magical items it’s a DC 20. (Many items have already been looted from Scrapwall long ago.)
  • Tech is harder – the DC is equal to the crafting DC as listed in the Future Tech Guide.

They won’t take cash though. If you want the item, you need to give them equipment equal to the GP cost. My hard and fast rule is it needs to be no more than 3000 gp, as that’s half the cost of the most expensive item detailed by one of the gang members in the book.  They may add their Scrapworth to the check.

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