ARMOURY: Medicae-Kit

This is vital bit of equipment for any medic. A typical medikit contains various cataplasm patches, counterseptics, and synthetic skin applicators. A full medicae-kit has enough supplies to be used 5 times before it is depleted. When using a kit to provide healing, attempt a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check as a standard action. If the check succeeds, the kit provides 1d8+1 points of healing.  For every 5 points by which the check’s result exceeds the DC, it provides an additional 1d8+1 points of healing.

A practical item for vessels with no properly trained medicae support; these kits can be used by almost anyone.  Each contains essential items such as synthetic skin spray, counterseptics, cast spray, toxin wands, and more, all with easy to follow instructions and built-in cogitators for diagnostic advice.  It can be used as a standard medicae-kit with the addition ability from it’s advanced chemicals and tools allow someone to restore a recently slain creature to life if the healing provided by the advanced kit is administered within 1 minute of the target’s death.  Using the kit in this way drains all remaining charges.

An advanced kit can also be used to heal 2d8+2 points of damage on a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check per charge consumed.  For every 5 points by which the result exceeds the DC, the pack provides an additional 2d8+2 points of healing.