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ARMOURY: Medicae-Automata

Common Features of both Medcae-Automata:

  • Both medicae-automata weigh 10 lbs (1 inventory slot).
  • Both medicae-automata have a depletion rate of 1 in 20.  This is checked each time the medicae-automata is used unless otherwise specified.
  • When the medicae-automata over heals a target, the target gains temporary hit points equal to the over-healed amount.
  • The medicae-automata will automatically attempt to fix mutations.  The machine spirit interprets what a mutation is liberally, but as a rule of thumb, the cogitator considers any deviation from the homo-sapien genotype (with some exceptions) as a mutation.  For each point it over heals a target, there is a 5% chance per point that a single mutation (or some other imperfection) is removed. If there is more than one mutation, the mutation is selected randomly.

Wonderous item (rare) (1,000gp / 500xp)
This is a vital bit of equipment for any medic. A typical medicae-automata contains various cataplasm patches, counterseptics, and synthetic skin applicators. The backpack-sized piece of equipment has a limited machine spirit that can diagnose and treat injuries without needing a Medicine skill check and heals for 1d8+1 damage. However, an expert can gain more healing from the kit by attempting a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check as an action (Use Object). If the check succeeds, the kit provides an additional 1d8+1 points of healing.  For every 5 points by which the check’s result exceeds the DC, it provides an additional 1d8+1 points of healing.

Wonderous item (rare) (4,000gp / 1000xp)
A practical item for vessels with no properly trained medicae support, the medicae-automata+ can be used by almost anyone.  Each contains essential items such as synthetic skin spray, counterseptics, cast spray, toxin wands, and more, all with easy-to-follow instructions and built-in cogitators for diagnostic advice.  The advanced kit can be used as the basic unit, except it provides 2d8+2 points of baseline healing as a bonus action (instead of an action). In addition, it can as an Action (Use Objects):

  • With a successful DC 15 Wisdom (Medicine) check, remove one of the following conditions – blindeddeafenedparalyzed, or poisoned.
  • Its advanced chemicals and tools allow someone to restore a recently slain creature to life if the healing provided by the medicae-automata+ is administered within 1 minute of the target’s death (a successful DC 15 Medicine check is required).  Using the medicae-automata+ in this way automatically depletes it (treat as a revivify spell).


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