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I have a problem with D&D 5e and magic items.  I tend to like low magic settings but even the high magic setting of 5e my players consider very miserly.  Considering most of my group is under the age of 20 they are use to Diablo like magic item replacements.  But I didn’t want them to just get new magic items every few levels – “Maul +1 replaced by Maul +2 at level 10 etc”.  I was trying to think of a solution when the Dungeon Hacking blog posted a 5e update to Legacy weapons from 3.5e.  Bingo! I found my solution.  Now my characters can have more powerful (though appropriate) weapons without being inundated with magic items that become obsolete or worse, break the game. I borrowed liberally from the original Weapons of Legacy 3.5e sourcebook for each.

Here is the first one for Heidt our android mechromancer who has been wielding this lasgun since level 1.

Update 03/10/2015:  After aiding the Sisters of Battle aboard The Avenger against the Illithid Space Marine Xallitharid the Sisters with the help of UNITY 1.0 grant Heidt a boon – a new firing mode for Flamecaster – X-Laser.

Weapon (lasgun), Legacy (requires attunement by a non-evil human)

Many a hero has wielded this lasgun through many an age, and the tales sung of it can be heard from one end of the verse to the other.

This ancient family heirloom has been passed down for generations and lovingly maintained and cared for.  Unlike many other technological artifacts this item is not timeworn and it is worth a kings ransom to the right person.  It has a matte green finish with a strange icon emblazon on muzzle in gold – a winged skull.  Its full meaning is lost to time.  After long use the weapon has awakened and aids its wielder in combat.  The Imperial Guardsmen who have wielded Flamecaster have often been outnumbered and outgunned on the battlefield.  Flamecaster’s nano-spirit powered traits have been designed to “even the odds”.  Flamecaster hates unfair fights and has a particular hatred for greenskins who so often swarm in hordes when they attack.  The lasgun does 3d8 radiant damage weighs 7 lb. and has a range of 100/300 feet. It requires two-hands to wield and has the burst feature (DMG pg. 268). The lasgun is always warm to the touch.  Whenever Flamecaster is brought near fire, the flames move aside, effectively making the weapon immune to fire.  As you gain additional levels, the Flamecaster gains the following additional properties.

Flamecaster. At 4th level, Flamecaster becomes a magical weapon granting a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls.

Marked.  At 6th level and higher, on command, you can cock and fire a harmless bolt of energy.  With a successful ranged attack, the beam strikes a single target up to 400 feet away, with no range increment penalty.  The struck target is outlined as if by a faerie fire spell.

Greenskin Enmity. At 7th  level Flamecaster gains the bane trait against orcs and goblins.  It does an additional 2d8 radiant damage against goblinoids.

Zero-Point Energy. At 8th level Flamecaster is considered to be always at full charge and no longer requires batteries to be replaced.  Other limitations based on charges are still in effect.

Shore Up Morale.  At 9th level and higher, on command once per day, you can use bless as the spell.

Fiery Vengeance. At 10th level Flamecasteron command once per day, can replace its normal attack with a fireball instead.  The damage type is changed to plasma (radiant and fire).

Shooting Wild. When you reach 12th level Flamecaster aids your aim.  You gain +2 bonus to dexterity up to a maximum of 30.

X-Laser. When you reach 13th level Flamecaster gains a Sister of Battle upgrade.  As an action once a day Flamecaster may emit an x-laser – a super-charged laser with devastating effects.  It fires a highly focused, incredibly powerful beam of high-frequency light. An x-laser’s beam functions as a laser rifle’s beam, but it bores holes through any creature or object it damages.  The beam is stopped if it cannot penetrate the dmage threshold, fire resistance, or fire immunity of a barrier or creature.  When making an attack with in x-laser firing mode, make a single attack roll and compare that result to the ACs of all creatures in a line extending out to the weapon’s maximum range.  This weapon damages all targets with an AC equal to or lower than the attack roll. The hole created by an x-laser is less than an inch in diameter and serves primarily as evidence of the weapon’s discharge rather than significantly altering an object’s structural integrity beyond the damage the laser blast deals as part of the attack.  X-laser firing mode does 5d6 fire damage and if it scores a critical hit does x4 damage.

Heat Shield.  At 15th level you gain immunity to radiant and fire damage and Flamecaster becomes a +2 magical weapon.

Beyond Range.  At 18th level you gain resistance to ranged weapon attacks.

Fury Unleashed. Once you attain 20th level the Flamecaster gains the special purpose of defeating creatures that rely on overwhelming numbers to swarm their enemies.  When facing opponents outnumbering you and your allies by at least 50 percent, you can use the fiery vengeance ability once per round without expending the abilities normal daily use limit.  This ability ceases to function once the numbers are even or to your advantage again.

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