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Muji, Spirit Folk ninja far from home. 4th level.
Maline, human deepstalker ranger.  4th level.
Rickkie, dragonborn battle-master (fighter).  4th level.
Milsandra, human priestess of Sune.  4th level.
Buppido, derro bard/warlock, master of the claves.  4th level (now a PC).

And some NPCs – Jimjar, Binwin, Topsy and Turvy.

Written by Muji, the Kara-Tur wanderer:

Home gnomes again in
caves of slimes, ghosts, lycanthropes.
It’s Gnomegeddon.

DM’s context. Arriving at Gnomegeddon (Blingdenstone) the party is disappointed to discover that the gnomes are welcoming and do know the way out they are in a state of siege and can not provide a way out.  The Motley Crew is now trying to find work while they bide their time helping the gnomes out where they can until they can find a way to the surface from here.  Jimjar has now left the group and Topsy and Turvy will also once they can find a place to live.  Buppido has also disappeared.



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