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The Motley Crew

Muji, Spirit Folk ninja far from home. 4th level.
Maline, human deepstalker ranger.  4th level.
Rickkie, dragonborn battle-master (fighter).  4th level.
Milsandra, human priestess of Sune.  4th level.

Thurstone II, half-orc barbarian, bearer of the Sign of the Smoking Eye (“Mister T”).  4th level.

Buppido, derro bard/warlock, master of the claves has left the party.

And some NPCs – Jimjar, Binwin, Topsy and Turvy.

An ae freslighe by Thurstone II, Son of Occipitus:

Report to gnome monarchy
Of pudding, ooze and jelly
Buppido loses sanity
Thurstone joins, he can melee

Motley Crew hunts Medusa
Find the temple in Rockblight
Gnome ghost, old age producer
Take its bones to seek respite

Further in stairs ascending
Gargoyles met, Ricky wounded
Elemental offending
Battle won, short rest sounded

DM’s context.  Entering Rockblight the party begins clearing the dungeon for the gnomes with the goal of finding more information on the drow medusa said to haunt the place.



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