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This is a thematic feat for the rogue class.  It fits in with the 1e Oriental Adventures description of a yakuza.  However, the original yakuza class is not different enough from the default rogue to really be its own archetype.  However, this will help make your rogue more flavourful.  I shamelessly stole from Heroes of the Orient for this class.


The yakuza are many different things, depending on who is asked. Some call them protectors of the common folk, others think of them as thugs and extortionists, still, others rely on them as an unofficial police force. They are simultaneously despised and respected, sometimes even supported by the local authorities. On one hand, they represent the shadowy underworld, directing and controlling local activities. On the other hand, they provide protection for the helpless and watch over those in their care.

Of course, such care has a price, and that is how the yakuza make their living. As a yakuza your body will be covered in tattoos, signifying your rank within the organization. An increase in rank or remarkable exploits, require you to get additional tattoos.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Intimidation
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A ledger with 20 names of “customers” (three of which still owe you 5gp each), a set of fine clothes, and a pouch containing 25gp and a yakuza tattoo appropriate for your rank and family.
  • The background is a prerequisite for the yakuza feat.

Feature: Insightful Criminal

You know a lot about what goes on in your “territory”, and a lot about what goes on outside it as well. In any civilized area, you might know things others don’t. See how much you know by consulting the table below.

DC Type of Knowledge Examples
5 Common, known by at least a substantial minority of the local
A local mayor’s reputation for drinking; a neighbourhood’s
reputation for criminal activity.
10 Uncommon but available,
known by only a few people in
the area
A local shaman’s shady past; a prominent merchant’s family history
15 Obscure, known by a few, hard
to come by
A samurai’s family history, the location and identity of a reliable purchaser of stolen goods
20 Extremely obscure, known by
very few, possibly forgotten
by most who once knew it,
possibly known only by those
who don’t understand the
the significance of the knowledge 
A mighty Wu Jen’s birth name, key figures in the underworld

Suggested Characteristics
Use the tables for the criminal background in the Player’s Handbook as the basis for your traits and motivations, modifying the entries when appropriate to suit your identity as a yakuza.


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