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Clash of the Titans (Session V)

Game log for session 5 one of my players (my daughter) wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.  For context, my PCs landed in Sigil – the City of Doors – and were directed to the Blancmange & Thistle Inn to rest which is also the starter adventure for Troika!

Enter Sigil the party did, 

Amongst the demons and angels,

And the creatures of beast kin.

Soon they were directed,

To a most esteemed inn,

Where they inquired about a room,

To rest their weary shins.


Mandrills dashed to and fro,

Whilst the porter gently smiled,

And assigned a room to them,

Where they could rest awhile.


The stairs they decided to take,

And on the first floor, a maid was assaulted,

By a flock of owls that made the windows shake, 

So the party aided her,

Without so much as thanks.


On the second floor a pool of cold liquid spread,

Across the hallway floor,

And Rodrig was filled with dread,

When he stepped into its core.

So Petra dragged him aside,

And with her blunt words,

Restored his pride.


On the third floor, the stairs were occupied, 

By a giant slug and his guards, 

Caught between the walls, 

With consideration for others of no regard.

Rodrig threatened meaninglessly,

But Petra placated hastily,

And shrunk the slug of large.


On the fourth floor, Octavia observed,

A Tiefling and an Aasimar transfer,

A small satchel of dark umber, 

Without any conversation heard.


On the fifth floor, floating rocks bridged a canyon,

And on the opposite side, 

An archmage was peacefully slumbering, 

On a patch of grass, satisfied.

Octavia woke him, 

And with a startled yawn,

The archmage came to his senses,

As if morning had just dawned.

The canyon and rocks disappeared, 

And at the party, he peered, 

With more than a little condescension.


The party heard of a gathering,

Held for the Planeswalker’s guild,

So there they meandered,

Their search for Pangaea not to yield.

Spoke to Old Greg they did, 

And a garden he entailed,

By which its name was Yin,

Where they could escape.


~Interlude: The song of Ynn~ 

“They say you can find a vorpal sword,

Dreams infecting mycanoids,

Gigantic worms ruling as overlords,

In the Gardens of Yin.


Experiments dangerously performed,

Jabberwocky’s and chests galore,

Look we found a unicorn!

In the Gardens of Yin.”



After much thought,

The party approached the archmage,

Not knowing he was distraught.

Accused them he did,

Of thieving from his spellbook,

But Octavia recalled the sight,

Of what the Tiefling and Assimar took.

Once the spells were retrieved,

The archmage was grateful,

If not a little relieved,

For he confessed to being forgetful.


Instated as his apprentice Octavia was, 

And of him, they incurred a favour, 

To planeshift them back to Pangaea, 

Which he agreed to,

And in recompense for their help the price he waivered. 


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