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Sailors of the Sunless Sea

Kicked off my Clash of the Titans campaign with the level-0 DCC character funnel.  One of the level 0 PCs is becoming a bard and created the following epic about the adventure.  Here it is, it will be familiar to anyone who has played or run the adventure.


An abandoned keep towers above,

Of ruined stones and rotted gates,

Tormenting the village below,

With its glowering gaze.


Rumours of dragons,

And kidnappings galore,

Run amok through their streets,

Told out on the shore.

Adventurers aplenty,

Strived to banish the evil,

But just as many perished,

Up high on that steeple.


And so a band of villagers,

A vagrant and beggar or two, 

Marched up to its doors, 

Without so much as a clue,

Of what lurked within, 

Or what was to begin.


They fought undead,

Entangled between the vines,

Losing Phineas, 

To the keep’s portcullis,

And leaving his dead body behind.


They encountered wild men,

With goat’s legs for feet, 

Inhabiting the underground, 

Of the fateful keep.


Tunnels told tales,

Through mosaics of old,

Of two ancient brothers, 

Both once powerful lords.

They discovered a pool,

And within its murky depths,

Drew out human skulls,

That of which they kept.


“For their comfort,” they explained,

Despite Kevin’s objection,

To the objects they obtained.


A weighty sword,

Surrounded by flame, 

They found after searching,

Deep within a cave.


They shoved their pig into the ring of fire,

And suffocate did he, 

For the weapon they desired.

A room swarming with roots,

And blooming with fruits, 

Kept hidden a worn altar, 

Protected by brutes.


Made from vegetation,

And without hesitation,

They attacked the primitive group

With pitchforks and razors, 

The villagers destroyed them,

And once experiencing their blessings,

Partook of the fruit with fervor.


Next they uncovered a longboat,

Idle along the water, 

That they boarded quickly, 

After much debate and banter.


It sped them towards an island,

Atop of which a black pyramid sat.


But before they arrived,

From beneath the surface, 

A sea monster thrived.


It flailed its tentacles to and fro,

And to save themselves,

From the boat Ferb they did throw.

It preserved their lives,

But for this sacrifice,

The gods frowned on them so.

Beached at the island they now were,

Their weapons prepared, 

And from the peak of the pyramid,

Chanting voices and eerie lights flared.


The goatmen danced ‘round a pot of molten,

Their drums thumping,

Their legs jumping,

With forbidden words spoken.


Then from the pot arose,

A figure of hardened lava, 

It wielded a menacing flail, 

And the goatmen sang, “Hurrah!”

So the band of villagers,

A vagrant and beggar or two, 

Charged up the pyramid, 

Their determination renewed.


They stabbed and sliced, 

Whilst the goatmen hollered, 

Until they reached the figure, 

Powered by their surge of valour.


A few were lost,

Amongst them the blacksmith Richard,

But they fought ambitiously, 

Until they were the victors. 


A piercing arrow,

Struck the figure in its side,

Loudly did it bellow,

Then back to the molten did it subside. 

The band of villagers,

Had succeeded where the adventures could not,

And as the goatmen fled in fear, 

They looted unashamedly from the pot.



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