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Maleficence (Magical Calamity Table)

Decided to consolidate the magical calamity table for the sorcerer into 1 table.  D16 for doubles, d24 for triples and d30 for quadruples.

die Effect
1 Stop: Absolutely nothing happens (time stops for 1d4 rounds, 100 ft radius, the sorcerer is not affected but otherwise the standard time stop rules apply).
2 For the next minute, you can see any invisible creature if you have line of sight to it.
3 A modron chosen and controlled by the DM appears in an unoccupied space within 5 feet of you, then disappears 1 minute later.
4 Belch of Titans: The caster belches once with the same effect as thunderwave The spell level is equal to the number of instability dice the sorcerer currently has to a maximum of 9.
5 You cast magic missile as a 5th-level spell.
6 Roll a d10. Your height changes by a number of inches equal to the roll. If the roll is odd, you shrink. If the roll is even, you grow.
7 Roll on this table at the start of each of your turns for the next minute, ignoring this result on subsequent rolls.
8 For the next minute, you regain 5 hit points at the start of each of your turns.
9 You grow a long beard made of feathers that remains until you sneeze, at which point the feathers explode out from your face.
10 Maximize the damage of the next damaging spell you cast within the next minute.
11 Creatures have disadvantage on saving throws against the next spell you cast in the next minute that involves a saving throw.
12 Your skin turns a vibrant shade of blue. A remove curse spell can end this effect.
13 An eye appears on your forehead for the next minute. During that time, you have advantage on Wisdom (Perception) checks that rely on sight.
14 For the next minute, all your spells with a casting time of 1 action have a casting time of 1 bonus action.
15 You teleport up to 60 feet to an unoccupied space of your choice that you can see.
16 You are transported to the Astral Plane until the end of your next turn, after which time you return to the space you previously occupied or the nearest unoccupied space if that space is occupied.
17 Each creature within 30 feet of you takes 1d10 necrotic damage. You regain hit points equal to the sum of the necrotic damage dealt.
18 Let’s Dance: A faeries dance affects your closest friend wherever s/he is (1 hour, WIS save to end).
19 You cast fireball as a 3rd-level spell centered on yourself.
20 You cast confusion centered on yourself.
21 A random wizard spell is also cast on your target.
22 You and all creatures within 30 feet of you gain vulnerability to bludgeoning, piercing or slashing damage for the next minute (randomly selected).
23 Your spell effect targets adjacent target instead (harms next nearest person, alters wrong thing, creates related but not identical item).
24 Mask of Terror: The caster emits the effects of a fear spell on creatures within 30 feet for the next 1d8 hours.
25 Lightning arcs out of the sorcerer’s body doing half the damage of the sorcery die that triggered this maleficence and wounds everybody carrying metal within 90 feet, friend or foe. The damage is electrical in nature.
26 Every animal on the random encounter table for this region/dungeon is drawn towards the sorcerer. The next short or long rest is an automatic encounter with every animal in the area.
27 Take 1d6 damage of the same damage type used in the spell or a random type if the spell did no damage. You are flung 1d10′ in a random direction.
28 Take 2d6 damage.  If reduced to 0 HP or below, explode a ball of viscera and bone in a 20-foot radius sphere for 3d6 damage (DEX save for half damage for creatures in AOE).
29 The sorcerer manifests the magical wounds of Hecate – the wound appears as starry night sky. The sorcerer losses 10 hit points from their maximum and the wound cannot be healed until they enter a Temple of Hecate (any Titan will also suffice). While thus hurt, the sorcerer also suffers one level of exhaustion.
30 The sorcerer and their entire party are now subjects of the Wild Hunt, as per the arcane pronouncements of the semi-divine fay queen, the Witchmother. A withered gnome politely informs the party that they now have a one-day head start before an army of fey does their very best to try and kill them the next night. Good luck.
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