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Beyond the Black Gate (5e Conversion)

Conversion of the DCC adventure for my own 5e game.  Used this as a replacement for G2 The Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl.

  • If the PCs attack the witch coven, use green hag elder (Monster Manual Expanded I pg. 145) for Baba Iaga and for the others, use a standard green hag. Note these are not actually hags but humans.
  • Ice Giant (link). Used for sentries as is, used as giantlings but with 1 hp, and used as an acolyte with the addition of priestly spellcasting and rain of cold (as rain of radiance but cold damage (link).
  • Plague rats (link). Change psychic damage to piercing, add the overwhelming feature of the rats in the adventure, and remove illumination and spellcasting. Swarm damage is automatic and covers the whole room.
  • Mists of the North Wind. Play as is, not really a combat encounter.
  • Ice Toads (link). Use the froghemoth but remove the tentacle attack.  Each attack, per the adventure, has a chilling effect (disadvantage, -2 AC).  A swallowed creature takes cold damage instead of acid and on a failed DC 15 CON save is frozen solid and dies.
  • Black Hounds (link). Add the Pack Tactics trait to the yeth hound.
  • Lokim, the Blind (link). Use the standard ice giant stablock but give Lokim the Blinded condition.
  • Asmundr, the Ice Giant thane (link). Use the standard ice giant stablock but give Asmundr 3 legendary actions which he can use to move, command an ally or make a greataxe attack. He also has 1 legendary resistance.
  • Polar Bear. Use the dire bear from Monster Manual Expanded I pg. 294).
  • Faustfvor the Seething. Faustfvor has two phases, one as a blizzard dragon and one as a ice giant. Use appropriate figures to represent this.
  • Vefreyja, the Ice Giant’s Daughter (link). This battle uses “The Dancer” figure and the cathedral map from the Dark Souls boardgame. Each PC can move 1 node on the map as a part of normal movement and up to 3 characters can stand on a node.  During a tactical battle characters can only use mutiattack/extra attack if they have not moved that turn.

Extra Treasures:

Mutagens (1d4 mutgens of a random physical stat – STR, DEX or CON). The mutagen adds +4 to STR/DEX/CON and randomly reduces a mental stat.

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