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Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.


Legendary weapon (dagger)

  • GP 100,000
  • XP 10,000

The unicorn prince will allow the party to keep his broken horn and will revitalize it. It becomes a +1 dagger and also has the additional traits:

Bicorn’s Blessing. This dagger has 10 charges. While holding it, you can use an action to expend 1 or more of its charges to cast one of the following spells from it, using your spell save DC and spellcasting ability modifier (+2 if wielded by a non-spell-caster): purify food and drink (0 charges so long as the dagger has charges left) cure wounds (1 charge per spell level, up to 4th), lesser restoration (2 charges), greater restoration (4 charges) or mass cure wounds (5 charges).

The dagger regains 1d6 + 4 expended charges daily at dawn. If you expend the last charge, roll a d20. On a 1, the dagger vanishes in a flash of light, returning to Diamond Dust, the Prince of Unicorns.

Prismatic. This trait grants the attuned user’s attacks a chance to instantly kill a creature that is of evil alignment on a natural 20 on the attack rolls. This drains 1d4 charges from the unicorn dagger. The creature dies if it fails a DC 15 CON saving throw as it explodes into colorful candy and streamers, leaving no body behind. A creature is immune to this effect if it is immune to piercing damage, makes the CON save, has legendary actions, or the GM decides that the creature is too big for the weapon to have an effect. Such a creature instead takes an extra 6d8 piercing damage from the hit.


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