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Custom/converted magic items for my homebrew campaign world “The Ninth World”.  Placed here for my PCs to reference.


Weapon (longsword), legendary (requires attunement)

  • XP 9,000
  • GP 18,000

Durandal is an extremely-powerful intelligent longsword created by an ancient order of knights called the Brotherhood of Steal near the end of their existence as part of a last-ditch campaign to fight the interdimensional creatures that invaded our reality and their magical and extraplanar allies. This sword can only be wielded by pure-blood humans and Constructs with the robot or cyborg subtype. Any mutant – which includes any non-human of any kind – that touches the sword receives 1d4 fire damage per round while in contact with it.

Atomic Heart. Durandal is a mono-filament weapon and is considered magical but has no additional bonuses; however, he always targets a creature’s DEX score or AC – whichever is lower – unless the target is wearing or using magical protection (like magical armor or the shield spell).

Exterminare. If the sword strikes an extraplanar creature, it must make a DC 29 Wisdom saving throw or be banished to its original plane. The sword can also detect traps within a ten-foot radius; Ancient Arcana (technology, magic items) within a thirty-foot radius; and goblinoids, monstrosities, aberrations, or their servants within a fifty-foot radius.

Burn the Heretic. You can use a bonus action to speak Durandal’s command word – “Purge the Xenos!” – causing flames to erupt from the blade. These flames shed bright light in a 40-foot radius and dim light for an additional 40 feet. While the sword is ablaze, it deals an extra 2d6 fire damage to any target it hits. The flames last until you use a bonus action to speak the command word again or until you drop or sheathe the sword.

Ego. The sword is telepathic and can control the mind of anyone who wields it unless that person’s combined INT and CHA scores total is more than 30. If a wielder’s combined score is powerful enough to resist the sword, it still tries to speak and convince him of his agenda. If the wielder receives temporary INT or CHA loss that reduces their combined total to less than 31, Durandal takes control until the abilities are restored to over 30.

If the sword takes control of its wielder, it changes the character’s primary alignment access to Lawful, strongly pushing him to believe in the ideals of the original knights who created him. These ideals include honour and chivalry but also a psychotic hatred of all abominations, including mutants, intelligent animals, monsters, and goblinoids. Durandal typically obliges the wielder to attack any of those categories in a berserk fashion, granting an additional bonus of +4 to hit and +2 damage (beyond the sword’s base +2 bonus while fighting in this fashion, the character’s armor class is reduced by 2. The sword usually wants to fight to the death and slay all the abominations it can. Still, Durandal may choose to retreat or not attack certain abominations for the sake of the greater cause of getting to kill more abominations in the future. This may allow it to tolerate the wielder’s fellow party members who are mutants, so long as they work to destroy other abominations — Durandal tells them that if they cooperate, he will kill them last.

Durandal is a holy relic of the Machine Spirits, in particular, UNITY. Though Durandal is a flame weapon, it can be wielded by a cleric of UNITY as if he was a radiant weapon.


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