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Hololithic Fragment 03

The story of the Divinity continues.

The Lord-captain appears again.  This time he looks disheveled and sad.  “I don’t have much time (you can hear the muffled sound of people screaming in animal like grunts in the background and the door being beaten).  The PAX is even more subversive than we first believed.  A small percentage of the crew have become hyper aggressive and violent.  So much so it’s beyond madness.  These ones have been killing other crew in an orgy of death.  And not just kill them… they do horrible things to them (you can continue to hear a mob of people beating on the door).  The ship has been over-run by these animals that were once our friends.  I have summoned the Sisters but they won’t get here in time and I don’t know where the Templar is.  And I won’t let my family fall into their hands (off camera you hear sobbing as the beating on the door becomes more violent and insistent.  A little girl says “I love you daddy” and then you hear two gunshots.  The Lord-captain then comes back on camera) I have activated Asimov Law 0 in the robots and androids.  My last hope is that they will be able, with the aide of the Sisters, to destroy these beasts before the ship comes into contact with (you hear an explosion and the noise of the insane are no longer muffled.  The Lord-captain raises a gun to his head but a mob of men, if you could call them that since they look filthy and disfigured, mob him before he can shoot.  More of the infected run in and off camera you can hear the Lord-captain struggling then static).

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