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I just need this for my own reference during the game, basically a 5e conversion of the e-Pick and re-themed for the gothic space opera style ship *coughwarhammer40kcough*

As it can open most standard Imperial locks, the multikey is not a standard item for most honest Imperial citizens. For the same reason though, they are widely sought after by criminals and other disreputable elements. A character with proficiency with a multikey can add their proficiency bonus to any attempt to open a locked door.

Electronic Lock Pick (ePICK)
Tool, common

An ePick (short for “electronic lock pick”) is an advanced form of multikey and is a small device that can be used to unlock and disable electronic locks and devices, much in the same way that a set of thieves’ Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 17.31.38tools can be used to dismantle mechanical locks and devices.  A character with proficiency with an ePick can add their proficiency bonus to any attempt to open a locked door or disable an electronic device.

Due to the technological nature of these tools they are useful against normal locks as well and can replace Thieves Tools with anyone who has proficiency in the ePick.  However the reverse is not true.  Without an ePick it is impossible to unlock a technological door, it must be broken down or bypassed in another way.

Additionally the colour of the ePick can affect the roll.  When the ePick is of a lower colour quality than the lock the attempt to unlock the door has disadvantage, when it is of higher quality, the roll has advantage.  Finally when it is of equal quality the roll is flat (neither advantage or disadvantage).

For reference the lock quality from greatest to lowest is Prismatic -> Orange -> Blue -> Red -> Green -> Grey -> White -> Black -> Brown.

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