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D&D Ashlanders

After spending some time in ESO and starting in Morrowind I quite like the dark elf dynamic they have – with the civilized dark elf and wild dark elves. It would work with the drow of D&D with an offshoot barbaric Underdark tribes who reject both Lolth and drow society. The Ashlander drow wander the Underdark as nomads rejecting both the matriarchal society of Lolth and Lolth herself – instead worshiping a pantheon of powers known as Deidric Princes and Princesses.  They particularly revere Azura the Princess of Dawn and Dusk.  The Ashlander tribes tend to be patriarchal – another slight against Lolth. Though the tribe’s predominant customs and attitude (ie alignment) determine which Prince they prefer though they revere all the Daedric Princes.

No matter their politics and in-fighting they are implacable foes of the Great Houses that serve Lolth and will band together if and when they are threatened by the civilized drow.

Game Rules

  • New Trait – Genetic Drift. Racially Ashlanders are identical to drow.  Though their skin tone has a bit more variety ranging from the midnight black of standard drow to a very dark blue, dusky gray and various shades of green as well. They also tend to have a larger than normal iris with colours that include red, black and orange and violet.
  • The Ashlanders are predominately Barbarians and Druids.
  • The tribes tend to be any Chaotic alignment, though the tribe tends to be dominated by one particular “world view” this is reflected by which Daedric Princes they revere.


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