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Maze of the Blue Medusae (Session III)

Game log for the Maze of the Blue Medusa one of my players wrote – part of the Clash of the Titans campaign.

The party of adventurers,

With their tapestry obtained,

Set forth for the crater,

Where they were to arrange,

The ambush upon Medusa.

Her venom would cure the King, you see,

And bring about a reward that would satisfy their greed.


Once winter gear was packed,

They journeyed ahead,

Through a forest of lofty rocks, 

They hastily sped.


Cordelia was afraid,

And she swore she observed,

The rocks moving closer,

When the sound of distant horns was heard.

The horns disturbed their sleep,

That very first night,

And when morning dawned,

Cordelia was proven right.


There stood a robot as tall as thirty feet,

Standing on three spindly legs,

Buzzing quietly in the heat,

Following them for no clear purpose.


The party fled,

But the robot pursued,

Shooting lasers and lead,

And driving them into a ruined building.


Trapped inside they were,

With the robot lingering at the entrance,

But once Octavia searched,

She found an ancient relic.


Black it was,

With the word “Mangler” engraved into its side,

And hoisting it onto her shoulder,

She marched outside.

She pulled its trigger,

And with a crackling boom,

A beam of light it fired,

At the robot now staggered.


In frantic panic, it shot wildly, 

And in the confusion,

Cornelius’s pet chicken from home,

Was blasted with an infusion.

She glowed a strange colour,

And grew ten times her size,

So Cornelius rode atop her,

With Rodrieg by his side.


The robot clanged to the ground,

And with its fall,

Made a resounding call,

That of which was answered by many more.

The party hurried away, 

Not wishing to fight them all.


After days of travel,

And navigation through the rocks,

They came across a ruined temple,

Where they hung the tapestry.

The full moon opened,

The once closed door,

And through it prepared,

With their weapons and gear,

The party stepped,

If not more than a little scared.


They gazed at the looming castle,

Gloomy in this colder weather,

And vowed to kill the Medusa,

Or die trying together.

They entered the castle,

Chilled to the bone,

The halls still and silent, 

It felt as if they were alone.


But hailed they were,

By a woman chained to a cage,

Well dressed and well-fed,

Which was more than a little strange.

She said, “Let me free,

And I will open the door for you,

As only I can, you will see.”


After discussions and doubt,

The party unchained her shackles,

And once the door was unlocked,

Away and out into the snow she stumbled.


In the room beyond the adventurers saw,

A man whose skin was coloured blue,

Muttering about the artistic halls,

Not giving them a glance.

Approach him they did,

With questions of the Medusa’s location,

“In the maze somewhere,” he said,

Then returned to his fascination.


To many rooms did they explore,

And encounter many creatures,

But no matter how much they implored,

None knew where the Medusa rested.


The beast that surprised them,

Burrowed from underground,

And dragged Tikaani away,

When it retreated to its mound.


They met another party,

For revenge on the Medusa they sought, 

And Rodrieg threatened emptily,

While the others placated desperately,

Before a battle broke out and they fought.


They entered another room,

With an orangutan trapped in a cage,

Who was filled with gloom,

At his lonely tea party. 

Rescue him they did not,

Instead, they stole the porcelain,

And leaving him they did trot,


Back into the maze.

Traversing throughout the halls,

The adventurers concealed themselves,

From a mighty monster,

With several bulging eyes.

“Where is this Book!?” it cried,

And in a hurried fury,

Into another room, it tried.


Along one of the walls,

A painting called loudly,

One of a vampire,

In a dark throne shrouded.

Converse with him Octavia did,

And he asked to be moved,

Away from his centuries-old bed,

That of which they approved.

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